Nymzreviews.com official thread

Thanks but according to precogvision, Nymz, Crinacle…and other Youtubers ranks I prefer Fh9 or Variations.


Late to the conversation but I’m listening to the FH9 now and it’s a phenomenal iem with superior build quailty, tuning nozzles and better cable than the Variations which I caught and released as it was thin in note weight and not to my tastes


Variations is a very clean yet fun set with emphasis on sub-bass, female vocals and a sparkly treble presentation. Very resolving set too.

I bought my set shortly after release and owned it for more than two years by now and it‘s one of the few sets I‘ll never sell. Overall just excellent and there really is nothing like it on the market to this day, not even in the same price bracket or above.

Some people have complained about the light mid-bass tuck, but that one isn’t an issue at all, at least to my ears.

I don’t see any inconsistencies.

nymz prefers the EJ07m probably because it doesn’t have that infamous lower mids suckout the Variations is known for having.

While the Variations might technically be the better IEM, it’s tonality won’t be for everyone, the EJ07m doesn’t seem to have any glaring weaknesses other than a slight lack of lower treble which I’d personally take over something that has scoped out lower mids resulting in an over lean tone.


Read the writen review of Variations (vs ej07m) and then see the ranking.

Plow twist: I finally purchase the Fiio Fx15


December 7th, stay tuned.



Mega bucks ?

Probably no…

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Really like the look of the shell and cable; is it gonna be an all BA again?

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