-oBravo Cupid 💘-

This shall be the official thread for the oBravo Cupid. This thread is for discussion and reviews.



A dynamic driver for low end and planar for high end. Sounds very interesting, I wonder if other companies will take this approach. The planar iem market is really picking up speed now

actually, they have no crossover, I’ve been told, so both drivers play everything but technicality aside, they are effing awesome for that price… use them with spiral dots and they sound better yet another level even

Both are full range? This is interesting.

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Yeah, it’s not very often that you would skip a crossover in an iem

Campfire Audio did recently but that is another league
quite interesting this oBravo Cupid

What product was that? I must have missed an announcement

The Andromeda Edition Gold(Black with Golden screws) uses no crossover if I remeber correctly

and yes in original green with golden screws it would look awesome!


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Huh, Ill have to hear these the next time I get the chance, I wonder what kind of a difference it makes. If it has better bass, I might be more interested since I am kinda thinking about getting the Solaris

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Yes should extend further down and stay quite wide in stage, from what I read

Actually the tips to get are the Spiral Dot ++ tips from amazon.co.jp

Personally, I did like the ++ less than the “normal” spiral dots on these

One of my best blind purchase so far. These are so damn good.

The only issues I’ve had is the connectors being so long (1")?

Oh the stock cables are definitely one of the good ones.

Just ordered a pair of these, should be here by next week. Will be my first planar driver in a iem. Can’t wait to check them out.

Thinking of picking up a pair. Saw the basic set available for an affordable price.

Wondering if any of you owners can give me some information on how replaceable the cables are since the basic set only comes with a basic cable. Looking at the pictures it seems like the metal contacts protrude out more than normal so it looks like mmcx connector won’t fit?

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No they use a proprietary obravo connector. It is impossible to use mmcx unless you are very careful with an angle grinder to grind the metal on the connectors down until you can fit an mmcx. Be very careful.

Otherwise your options are either the basic cable, or that white balanced cable the more expensive one comes with. I’m not sure if they sell the balanced cable by itself

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Ah I expected as much. That’s a bit of a turn off. So it means once your cable dies you’re out a whole pair.

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Got no “love” from Crin…

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Yeah, he flat out just said he hates the Cupid’s on resolve’s last podcast. Lol

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nice. I love my pair. it’s definitely a good price especially for the basic edition.

Yeah like Seazer mentioned the only way to replace the cable is to grind down the connectors till you can fit standard mmcx, this is very risky tho and you will want to be extremely cautious in doing so but I’ve seen a few people successful in doing this. otherwise your only other option is to either build your own cable or order a custom one from someone else if you don’t have the know how yourself. The connectors can be obtained by themselves, I have a custom cable i got made just for my cupids.

And yeah I obviously don’t agree with Crin’s assessment of the cupids, he even admits in the comments that he didn’t burn them in which with my experience this set changed so much over the course of 100 hours. The other thing that irks me with his assessment is that it seemed rushed and just like he did not care and had no intention of really giving the earphones a chance. That coupled with the fact that his FR graph does not match other sources and he mentions nothing of tip rolling or fitment tweaking has me pretty damn sure he just didn’t give a fuck lol.

The Cupids are a very involved set, you can’t just throw them in with stock tips and expect it to sound great. They are one of the pickiest IEM’s I’ve used regarding tips and that not only extends to what kind of tip you use but also the fitment of the tip, how far down the tip is on the stem? Is the tip fully inserted into the ear canal or part way? etc. There is a ridiculous amount of trial and error for this earphone to get the fit and sound you want, but it 100% worth it in the end.

With all this said it’s not the perfect earphone, it does have some quirks and can be very strange sounding with certain music. When it works tho it has a very interesting presentation that sounds wonderful but a bit unnatural I will admit. This not the IEM for you if you are going after naturalness. After burned in the DD bass comes alive and is very dense and articulate in it’s delivery with great body in the mid bass, these are excellent for bass heavy music just because of how addicting the slam is on these with the right seal.

I really like my pair but i do have to urge some caution as I would not purchase these if you have no other pairs on hand. From time to time they can sound… well… not great, largely in part to the tip fitment and not well recorded music and certain genres. They are a pair that I like to listen to sometimes but not all the time. if you have other pairs tho and don’t mind fiddling with tips and doing proper burn in then I can definitely recommend giving them a try.