Office workers... What do you do?

Consistently I see posts about those of you who have two setups, one in your home and one in you office. I must ask, what position allows for the flexibility and isolation of using headphones (closed or open) at work?
It fascinates me and fills me with envy.

Besides being a programmer of course…

Having an office allows me to have an office setup. A door allows me to ignore the outside

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk


How can you hear a knock at the door

I go to meetings so often and people just im me and I come to them

It’s not too common that people come to me. I can’t really say what I do for my main job but I actually do get some privacy when im not constantly in meetings

Edit: or traveling globally

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sounds like a good deal

Yeah but I work a crap ton and have to travel alot as well, so the good evens out the bad

I hope things work out for you :cold_sweat:

It’s fine, I get to fund my addiction. I do get compensated for my work. But I have worked there for a while and have a fairly high level position

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Saying that I have the flexibility to listen to music at work with headphones or IEMs also means that I often do not have the time to do so.

But between the meeting, travel, and office based interactions of which usually comprise my schedule, I do have time where I can research topics, solve problems, write reports, and answer emails. This is where my job allows me the flexibility of listen to music.

As soon as someone come into my office with a problem they cannot resolve on their own, requiring another meeting, or need a policy decision, I shift my workload and put down the music as the situation dictates.

I’m a programmer now, but as a Network Engineer and QA Engineer I also had plenty of time to listen to headphones. Lots of office jobs don’t require being in meetings or on the phone all the time.

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Yeah there are some co-workers that really don’t have to talk to people a lot and always have headphones on. Meanwhile I spend like 75% in meetings

so you wear headphone with pass-thru so you can hear the conversation around you while still enjoying tunes? :smiley:

Iems with one ear out lol. They stopped caring lol

Or open backs with less important meetings (quiet enough for them to not hear it of course)

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are your meetings in a board room or are they web conferences? I don’t see how anyone could get away with wearing headphones in a board room, LoLoL!

All in person in confrence or board rooms. I’ve been around for awhile and they stopped caring because it doesn’t effect my participation in the meetings. Sometimes I even hold meetings and present while listening to music lol

Although I did not have anything in when I present to people like the CEO or shareholders/board of directors (very glad I don’t have to do that often). As long as it doesn’t have anything that gets outside the company.

Super shocked they let me get away with it lol

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if you get asked about em…say it’s your audio prompter…like a tele prompter, but sound based. :wink:

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Hearing aids would be a good excuse lol

I’m a product development engineer. While we do have an open office area, headphones and such aren’t really taboo in our office; with the open environment it’s pretty understandable for folks to need to “shut out” the noise to focus on what they’re doing sometimes.

I also am fortunate enough to have one of the best cubicle locations where you really have to go out of your way to bother me so that’s a plus.

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I have a home office, so the only thing that bugs me are the cats.

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