Ok what Audiophile words or phrases piss you off?

Very true. It’s a reality our community has to navigate. It can just be frustrating. This conversation reminded me of an amusing story, though.

I have a cousin who is a professional sound engineer. He told me a story of one of his college instructors who did an internship at a studio where Jimi Hendrix came in to cut an album. Jimi was of course high as a kite during this. This instructor said Jimi sat down at the console with the headphones on listening to a cut. When he was done, he put the headphones down and said “Yeah, man. That’s great. But, can you make it sound…purple?”

Fortunately Z, DMS, Josh, and Metal only use “purple” to describe the actual physical color of a piece of gear.


Lol, talking to other audio engineers some are very technical and some are not for sure

[quote=“WaveTheory, post:21, topic:6120”]
only use “purple” to describe the actual physical color of a piece of gear.

Well Donovan did Mello yellow, Prince Purple rain, Joni Mitchell Blue and the Beastie boys got more juice than Picasso got paint…Colours good with sound and music :+1:

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Don’t forget Tommy James had “Crimson and clover” over and over :smile:

and there’s…

This is the best so far!


LSD induced Synesthesia is supposed to be an amazing experience.


I’m from America, and my 'merican is horrible.:joy:

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Again, buy what you need to get the job done.
Don’t burn money on barrels of snake oil.

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Agreed lol, my goal in this hobby isn’t to waste money lol (well at least not on something that won’t bring me much enjoyment)

Define wasting money… I bought the 58x. Though I liked it, tried the 6xx and I prefer the latter. I could have bought the 6xx from the start and saved that money. Or I can see it as spending money figuring out what I prefer.

That’s not wasting money imo, I mainly am talking about stuff like overly expensive solutions that could have been solved for cheap mainly

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Agreed. That being said, I also can’t see myself doing this little experiment with each brand’s top of the line estat.

That would mean you would have to buy the new he1 from senn and the shangri-la from hfm, alongside other high tier estats

When people describe good noise isolating headphones as noise cancelling. That really peeves me off.


Lol, can agree with this one, I actually think companies do it alot as well

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Is the noise isolation not the same as passive noise cancellation?

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No, that’s the same I’m pretty sure

Cancelling, by its definition should mean that you take a signal from a microphone, capture noise from outside, then invert it, and add it to the original source signal. This cancels out any unwanted noise. Passive, would just be isolating, blocking all noise from the outside world, using only dense materials and other damping techniques to achieve that. Like M0N pointed out, manufacturers use that word a lot. I’m guessing that it’s a more attractive buzzword to attach to their product, or it may just be ignorance on the part of the store or manufacturer listing it.

*EDIT: Better clarification and minor grammatical error.

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Hearing color is supposedly a real thing.


My daughter is 8, she tells me she tastes color. Nothing I can do to confirm it, but we did hear about on a pod cast months later.