Ominous prediction for audiophiles with iPhones

This story from respected tech journal Ars Technica predicts the next iPhone may be released in 2022 WITHOUT any ports. Goodbye, Lightning, no USB-C. Only wireless charging.

That would REALLY suck for audiophiles who use an iPhone, the Camera Connection Cable and a portable amp or the Lightning dongle to drive wired headphones. That would disappear, and Bluetooth connections would be the only option when using an iPhone as a source.


There where so many questionable iPhone design choices for the last 6 years or so. And don’t get me started on the Macbook.
Maybe 2022 will be the year to look more into the Android ecosystem and say bye bye Apple.


There is always the used market for idevices, my iPad is a few years old and still going strong, I mainly use it for audio.


Yeah, I love iOS but the whole portless thing would probably be enough to get me to finally switch to Android

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DAP’s are the future :grin: seriously though not having any plug on my iPhone isn’t a deal breaker for me as I don’t use it as a music source.


I may be in that same camp, Eric.

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i keep waiting for a reasonably priced updated dap like the hiby r8 chinese version that has a sim card slot so you can just have 4g anywhere. i’d ditch my phone if i could get a dap like that with full android features and a 5g sim card slot…

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No port iphone would be ridiculous… Dont think that will happen… Theres alot more than charging that phones need, it would cause a massive disadvantage for apple, why would they do that?

You mean the $1400 retail price didnt do that already ?


I’m the same, I use an iPhone and have Bluetooth headphones but these are mostly for listening to podcasts. Any music is listened through a DAP which gives me far better options that a phone. I don’t feel the need to have an all-in-one especially if it going to reduce the capabilities of the device.


It wouldn’t be past Apple to require bespoke wireless chargers for its iPhones, just like the decision to go with the Lightning cable instead of USB-C.

Apple makes superb hardware. But some of its design decisions are based on nothing but maximizing profit, regardless of the inconvenience. Lightning cables are a primary example of this.

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You must be getting ripped off or live in a country with high prices. iPhone 13 starts at $799 in the USA.

A DAP makes sense for a lot of people, but not me. I don’t own any onboard music - everything is streaming.

Other than an onboard amp, it makes little sense for me to buy a DAP for streaming when I already have an iPhone, with a pretty solid onboard DAC and access to an even better DAC with the $9 Apple dongle. I also have a hip-dac for a portable DAC-amp.

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most DAPs have Bt or WiFi as well as the onboard storage. also, most streaming services let you download music so you can listen when not connected.

Thats wild if there really wont be a charging port. I rarely used wireless charging but ive heard they are inefficient for charging?

Yup, it’s 47% more inefficient than charging with a cable and some times even more, I googled it and I’m seeing numbers like 60-90% more power consumption.

I honestly can’t see them ditch their last port. Especially, now that their pro line phones shoot ProRes videos. How are you gonna get it to a laptop or a computer, through 4G/Wifi(?), not likely. In some places you likely can’t get unlimited bandwidth from your service provider. That hasn’t stopped them from using their proprietary lightning port tho, which is still has USB 2.0 transfer rates. Second of all I think that they are gonna miss that lightning connector money. But I can see them wanting to skip USB-C entirely, which the EU wants to make a universal charging port, and go to a, probably proprietary, wireless charging solution with SafeMag. I’ve been looking to get a iPhone myself, since my OnePlus 7 Pro has had a update, probably planned, which kind of renders it almost useless/obsolete. I’m split 50/50 over that ugly forehead and if they actually delete that port, I will probably continue using Android.

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Uploading 4k from a phone sounds like hell. What a future.

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Actually, it’s a shame that Apple has done so much in terms of music and offering their own platform as a streamer, it’s a tragedy that they have put the red pencil to their hardware.
Unfortunately, when it comes to audio, Adroid is currently unbeaten with the Uapp app.
I also miss a similar app, and the fact that they haven’t updated the iPod since 2019 is also a shame.
It would have been really interesting with Apple Music if something had been done.


Well regular 4K shouldn’t be that bad. But ProRes 422 HQ 25fps has data rates exceeding 4G theoretical maximum ones and almost triple that on 50fps.

“Starts” but thats not where you end up and yeah ripped off. Im being
pragmatic by only using 512gb as the example and not 1tb
So $1399 plus tax.