[ONGOING] - reorganization feedback

Please leave any thoughts about the reorganization of the forums here. No content has been deleted, it’s just been sorted and organized.

A few categories have been added. Any and all feedback is welcome, including color scheme, categories, order, etc.


I know it would make for a longer forum to scroll, but it would be nice to have the sub-forums listed by line rather than clumped together side by side.


Equipment / Electronics / Gear / Accessories

  • Headpohone Amps
  • Speaker Amps
  • DACs
  • DAPs
  • Source Gear / Other

I’m not sure if our current theme allows for this, I’ll have to ask the admins.

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The new condensed version looks a bit messy but seems to work ok, what’s everyone else think?

There’s a home page? How do you get to it?

Well the forum page that lists all the categories (home page?) is now displayed as an abridged version with sub-categories on my MacBook Pro…

Ah, ok, the new categories. I think they make things more confusing, but more organization is probably going to be needed in the future

looks the same to me.

What are you on mate a phone, tablet, laptop…?

I’m on a WIndows PC.

Ok Strange that as on a Mac there was never an…IEM/Other category it was 3 separate categories…Official IEM, In-Ear monitors and Earbuds…like the new Headphones one :face_with_monocle:

if you’re talking the home page, it gives 4 options for types of equipment to choose from, but that’s not new.

if you’re on the forum home page, there is a new section…a forum with sub-forums.

Not sure this is relevant, but which of the multiple overview screens is home page for you is something you set in your user profile under Interface.

I wasn’t even aware the New Categories page existed until this thread. I just work from the Latest page, which shows all new posts from all categories in reverse chronological order.

Would be even better if I could filter out from the Latest view those categories I’m not interested in, but it’s not a big deal.

Are new topics locked or something? Did I shitpost and get the access banned for me?

Trying to add a new Topic in https://forum.hifiguides.com/c/speakers-subwoofers and the button has a :no_entry_sign: icon

Edit: looks like I can go to the frontpage and New Topic -> category and it works.

It was a permissions issue. It’s been fixed!

Let us know if there’s any other issues.

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Oh thank all the gods above and below, finally no more Aurora Uber Alles always above all other topics, always in your face on the main page. Freedom from the Aurora dictatorship is ours! :laughing:

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