REL Tzero Subwoofer

Anyone here who owns the REL Tzero subwoofer?

Looking to pair it with Monitor Audio Bronze 2, but it’s not cheap and it could prove to be too small for a 15m2 room (160sq foot?)

I’d like to get something with a High Level input and there are few options in the price range (500$ max).

The rel subs are great, but kinda pricy

The Polk Audio PSW505 or Bic PL-200 II might be better for volume output, and have speaker level inputs (same thing as high level, just on the rel they have that fancy connector)

Edit: Klipsch Sub-12HG also an option

I should mention I’m not in the US, Polk is rare and not that well priced here(Romania). Can’t seem to find the 505 at all, found a PSW404 at ~350$

Klipsch is also more expensive that it should be.
Looking for stuff I could also maybe try before buying. The klipsch could be an option, it’s also around 350$

Ah, yeah idk then because availability is going to be something I don’t know

Availability and prices are really good for British and european brands. Really bad for US and Canadian brands. But I’m mostly interested in the Tzero for now, it’s pretty sexy, except not very big.

Well how loud do you actually need it to be? The rel is a great sub, and I would think ample output unless you like boosted low end

Loud enough to keep up with the Bronze 2 without turning into a fart machine. I’ve never owned a good sub so I don’t know if a 6.5" enough. Or if the Tzero is doing some magic with its size to make it work.

Probably not with -6dB at 38 Hz specs but it will give bass. Probably in the reasonable levels to go along with Bronze 2’s. Not really in loud region.
Aaaand it won’t do and go really low low frequencies (~20Hz). To me that one of jobs… No it’s requirement that a sub needs to do.

So i would save money and get something else later on.
Like the SVS PB1000, ±3 dB 19 Hz - 270 Hz and has high level Inputs and it’s a totally different animal. Deepest, most detailed and authoritative bass you can get for under $500 (american) so in the Romanian region that somewhere in the ~2800 ron (600$) region.

Or something else but would still save few more months or how long it takes.
Have heard so many low tier subs in the 500$ region and most just suck… they more like loud low-midrange speakers with no low end.

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I would actually take the rel over the svs if you wanted even bass (in a smaller room though). But the svs subs are great for power and range

I am going to wake this topic because I recently got my hands on one of these babies and it’s a pretty cool piece. Definitely worth discussion because I have not tried a small sub like this before, so it was a bit of a gamble. But for this particular use case, a modest mid-level desktop system, I had a hunch it would do well, and it has more than delivered. So as a quick reference, speakers are Triangle BR02s and the amp is the SMSL DA-9. This amp has a SW output, which is nice because connecting it to the REL is a snap. However…

REL has this unique cable that connects it to the system using the high-level input. When you read why they recommend connecting it that way it makes total sense. Problem is the cable is 25 feet long, 10 feet longer than I need. Not an issue, I can cut to length. But the cable looks a bit cheesy, if I am being honest. I know it’s only to get signal, but it just doesn’t look like a good cable. I may try it at some point, but for ease of deployment I got a nice, quality RCA sub cable and connect from the amp’s sub out to the low-level input on the sub. After doing some reading I have discovered both inputs use the same filters, and you only give up about 5-6% performance. Now a little bit about the sub itself.

First, let me say that this is a beautiful piece. Build quality is excellent. It’s very substantial (weighs about 21 pounds), is very well braced and has a beautifully done gloss Black finish that really makes it an eye grabber. The connectivity suite in the back is impressive, offering lots of options and precise controls. Everything about it just screams quality. And then I powered it on…

Wow. Just wow. As I mentioned in another thread, I have deployed it at desk level and to the left, about 2 feet off the wall. Frankly I am very surprised by what it’s doing. It’s surpassing all my expectations. It’s bringing that bass extension, that low-low end information in a way that is blowing my mind. This is that data that the Triangles were just missing at times. There are absolutely no holes in the low-end frequency response now, and there is a new-found richness and power to the music with no sloppiness, undue rumble or lag. I know now what John Hunter was saying about making the sub disappear. You can do that with this one. The net result is a very-much enhanced listening experience as a whole.

This beautiful little sub is exactly what was needed to complete the sound for this environment. An incredible purchase.