Open back + amp + dac all under 300 usd - Help please

I am currently looking for a pair of open back headphones and maybe a dac+ amp to go with it. I have tried the Sennheiser HD58x with a Fiio Q1 Mk II and enjoy it. I have considered the PC37X but i don’t really need a mic and I would like as good audio quality as I can get. Also I do like the look of a tube amp but I don’t really have the proper space to see it properly (so not absolutely necessary). I currently have the ROG Centurion 7.1 which is a bit lacking and use the Bose QC35ii on a daily basis. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. All under 300 usd or 400 aud (Australia) preferably lower.

PC37X is the same driver as the HD598 from what I remember.
HD58X for it’s price is really nice, even after its price increase.
You can always look for an SHP9500, I can’t say how good it is but everyone(except for one guy) raves about it.

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How about a dt880 or 990 with a fx audio DAC x6 should be about your budget

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Hd58x and a Chi-Fi amp/dac. A tube amp can be added later if you want to try them. The Schiit Vali 2 is a great cheap option and you can roll tubes to your hearts content. The Lyr tube rolling thread on head-fi is 22000 messages long so plenty of info about the tube type. I have a mjolnir 2 and really enjoy customizing the sound with tubes, it’s an inexpensive(at times) way to change things up

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this is great especially paired with something like a fiio k3

Tubes and gaming really aren’t a good mix because of the distortion the tubes cause. I’m assuming he’s going to be using them for gaming because he is talking about the PC37X, ROG centurion and not needing a mic.

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You are correct in assuming that

would you recommed the 58x and a Fulla 2?

I’ve never used a Fulla 2 and don’t know much about it. I have used the 58X and can recommend that

The tube amp wouldn’t be for gaming necessarily, more for pure audio enjoyment in the future. While I have used tubes that enhance the treble to enhance a game’s footsteps in the past, I wouldn’t recommend it. A gaming headset will never compete with a true headphone that is properly driven, even in games.

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Fulla 2 is ok but a bit dated. Chi-fi would be a better fit for that price range now. At least until they update the fulla again

just bought a pair of 58x’s what amp do you recommend for under 150 US, looked at too many and can’t decide

Almost anything can power that thing. Maybe a fiio k3 for a $100. But for $150 you can get the O2/sdac from massdrop which is a pretty good deal.

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Something like the Schiit Fulla, while dated, would fit your bill and save you some money. If you want something that a lot of people claim is objectively endgame you can get the massdrop O2+SDAC for 150. If you can find an Aune x1s used for that price it is also a good option. I would rank the three as 1. X1S 2. O2+SDAC 3. Fulla. Just comes down to what you can find and use space wise

O2+SDAC, no question about it. $150 on massdrop and it’s pretty nice.

What about the Origen G2 was looking at the alot and is about 150 aid 100usd

Not as good. the extra $50 is worth it

Ill second the reply above mine, the Origen is a decent choice but since the O2+SDAC exists I would spend the extra money if you can swing it. Look for it used also, tons of people have them and I’m sure you can find one relatively easy.

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Don’t know if advertising is allowed but I actually have O2+SDAC for sale right now for $100 on r/avexchange

You really can’t go wrong with this unit, the SDAC is such a good DAC and the O2 can power most cans that you would ever throw at it. I can’t see why you would ever need to upgrade unless you needed balanced or “features”. It could very well be a endgame combo, it’s good enough imo.

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The DAC on the g2 isn’t very good. Better grab the k3 instead