Open back... earbuds?

I am currently looking for earbuds that let me hear conversations going on so that I am not completely shut off from the outside. Similar to the way bone conducting headphones are.
Any recommendations?
Budget is around $100-$150

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Perhaps look for a used audeze isine? Or a monolith M300?

The tfz tequila 1 would work too

do you have any experience with the monolith?

I have tried them, and for the current price they are decent, but an open back iem in this price range is just alright. Comfort was iffy and sound was good but not super refined

The Shuoer Tape has a rear facing metal gauze covered port…Maybe someone could let us know if this lets any sound in?

i really am just concerned with hearing outside noise, i can assume these should work

Yeah, that would work, but I would check reviews just to make sure

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I tried listening to a conversation at work with the Shouer Tape. Tapes are somewhere in between. I do not think they accomplish the goals of the OP as I would want something a lot more open if I wanted to hear surroundings. If someone walked up to me to ask a question I can hear it okay without having to take them off, depending on volume level.

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basically there is some stuff like this that has audio pass-through, that might be the route i have to take…

Monk Plus, and take your lady out for steak.


Or something like the koss ksc75 too lol. This monk pluses can be pretty impressive (if they are comfortable in your ear)

Audeze iSINE 10 B-stock is $150

I have mine over a year now. Using almost every day. You can hear everything at lover volume.

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I didn’t know they were that cheap bstock, that’s a good deal

when i got mine everything looked like new. Also CIPHER Lightning cable included if you have iphone.

which is more open do you think?

this is an amazing deal, thanks for linking this

I would say they are probably about equal. Both pretty open

there is also a similiar offering from edifier and sony … might work? basically i just need to hear if someone is calling out to me etc.

The upcoming Monoprice M350 is going to release soon and I wonder how it will be. Looks like a refined version that could be pretty good

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did u end up trying them?
also do u think newegg or monoprice ships faster