Open back easy to drive planar recommendations?

Hi guys this is my first time posting, just made an account so I am new here, have been reading these forums from time to time.

What I’m looking for is as the title suggests, specifically I want to be able to drive them with my Sennheiser GSX1000.
I’m also hoping to find some that are relatively cheap/well priced and, if at all possible, with a 3.5mm port.

Any recommendations that fit these criterias would be highly appreciated.

I think the 4xx meets that requirement pretty well, but I personally do think you would want to upgrade the amp with any planar imo. The 4xx is a great headphone and a really good entry into planar, it has most of the aspects that people typically like about planars at a great price with great sound


I agree with M0N…the 4xx are easy to drive.

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Also @M0N would the M560 with the backs off be a consideration?

I don’t think so, because I think the 4xx is a much better product imo. The 560 just doesn’t sound as good, and is about the same to drive


Ok. I have heard some people praise it. What are the differences?

The build on the m560 is pretty good, but sound wise, it’s got some wonky mids and treble, a strange soundstage, decent imaging, and isn’t as detailed as I think it should be. I think there are just much better options out there now for the same price

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Gotcha. Those better options would be the 4xx then.

I think so or other option

What about Verum One, Dekoni Blue, or T60rp?
More expensive but not way up there. Although a really powerful amp would probably be needed.

I’m not a huge Dekoni Blue fan, I don’t like the way the Bass transitions to the mids, but if your looking for a lot of Bass they provide that.

The verum and t60 rp would be too demanding imo. Also I don’t know if those would be the best entry cans

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So what other options are there besides the 4xx if there are any? Just curious.

So for an easy to drive planar, I think the sundara, LCD1, m570 (don’t know if I would personally rec it), a t50 with shure pads would be my picks for easier to drive planars (but they all could benefit from more power for sure). The 4xx just happens to be the best value thing I would recommend imo. The verum 1 also is easy to drive, but can still be very taxing on most amps because of it’s pretty low impedance

I think in this case, I think @Hayden.Core could get a 4xx, and also since the GSX has a speaker out, he could get an amp like the monolith liquid spark to connect it to, and have a great setup :+1:


I see. I mean that sounds like a good suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestions,

I’ve done a bit of looking into the 4xx and they look really good for what they’re worth, but after some deliberation I’ve come to the conclusion that planar might not be the best option for me at the moment.

As I’m still quite new to the depths of the audio world and at the moment the only notable cans I own are the SHP9500 and WH1000XM3s

In saying that, the Sonys have made me realise I’m quite a bass head and until the GSX1000s bass boost the SHPs weren’t really doing it for me although they are great for soundstage in gaming.

Considering those aspects, from what I’ve learnt, dynamic drivers tend to have better bass and sub bass reproduction, so I might be better off sticking with dynamic drivers for my next cans, and the 3.5mm Jack is a bit more important to me now so that I can use my next cans for gaming with my Vmoda boom pro.
Not that I’m intending on replacing my SHPs for gaming entirely, just so that I have the option since I spend most of my time with headphones for gaming.

This thought path has peaked my interest into the Fidelio X2HRs but I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews on them, and where I’m at, I’m not sure if the most logical step forward, or if I might benefit from trying something a bit different, a big factor I like about the X2HRs above all is the price.

But it has me wondering, is there something that I might enjoy more in that price range?

These contemplations have me even considering that I might even be better off getting some closed back cans since I enjoy the bass so much. But being that I’ve only ever used closed back apart from the SHPs my opinion might be a bit skewed.

Sorry about the complete 180 on this post!

I know the stance I’m assuming now is a completely different direction that what I was originally going for when I started this thread but as I’m still a newbie there’s just so much for me to consider.

All I know for sure is that I enjoy bass, not that it has to shake my brain out of my skull but for it to atleast be there.
And soundstage is a really nice aspect as well as good imaging.
The 3.5mm isn’t a complete deal breaker but it is heavily preffered just for ease of connectivity and the option for gaming.

No worries we’ve all been there, and that’s why you asked.

I was in your situation. I started with the 58x and the gsx 1000. I initially hated that combo and had to eq it. I ended up with the Fidelio x2hr. They are fun and will provide you with the soundstage and the excessive to some, appropriate for me bass, but lacks in detail and imaging. It also works fine with the gsx 1000. There are a ton of options, but if you want bass, I’m not sure if it will be any different than your Sony’s.

The gsx 1000 sounds better when you put it on HD mode and ditch the dsp though. The gsx1000 isn’t that great tho if you move on to other headphones.

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Huh, google “planar bass”. :wink:

Still, if you really don’t want to get rid of your amp (which is apparently 30 milliwatts) and spend 100$ for a JDS Labs Atom (which is one watt), you are very limited if you want planars (they’re, mostly, harder to drive than… everything else).

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To be honest, the gsx just isn’t a good amp/dac, and you would kinda be limited to something like shps or possibly a 58x without upgrading

The DT 770 Pro 250 ohm has good sub bass. V shaped sound so the midrange is dialed back and the highs are on the sharper side, but still enjoyable. From my experience they don’t need a super good amp, just enough power.

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