Openback hedphones for music and gaming

Hi guys

I am thinking of buying some open headphones. One of my main requirements is that they are COMFORTABLE for long periods of time and my budget is around 200.
I usually listen to metal and edm and play some games.
I usually like the headband straps,had a K7XX and found it very comfortable despite being meh in terms of sound.
I am a little sensitive to treble in exaggeration, I had the 990 dt and I had to return , for example i usually like the highs on Sennheiser headphones

Atm i have the SHP 9500, they are not bad but i need a upgrade.
In terms of AMP/DAC i have the Syba Sonic and i dont think that i ill upgrade any time soon.

My main options atm are DT880 Premium 250ohms, Fostex T50rp MkIII, MASSDROP X HIFIMAN HE4XX but im free to other options.

What is your opinion?

Thanks for the help

Well, I think if you don’t plan on upgrading the amp, I think the t50rp, 4xx, and 880 (some of these may work but you would really benefit from a better amp) may be out of the equation unfortunately imo, unless you plan on grabbing an amp like the atom or liquid spark and using the syba sonic as the dac

I think the hd58x would def be up your alley though, it’s a great all rounder that can run without an amp just fine, very pleasing for both music and games

If really necessary I can think of buying an amp up to $ 100 max

That may be very viable then, as you could grab a monolith liquid spark and 4xx would be a very nice combo for what you plan on using imo. I do think the 4xx edges out the t50 imo for me, and also its not really that open tbh. The 880 600 ohm would also be very nice

I’ll probably go against the grain here but I don’t see the point in buying any of those headphones unless you’re going to go further into the hobby.

I would recommend these:



And buy a amp with the money saved.

Just wondering, but isn’t that exactly what he’s trying to do?

Also the cals are very fun if you don’t mind a closed back, but the mh751 may be a bit redundant if he has a shp9500


The 880 are not too bright? I saw some reviews and sound demos on youtube…
Is a 250 ohm version worse than 600 ohms?

To me no, the 990 has very exaggerated treble compared to the more reasonable treble on the 880. The 600 ohm is smoother and less peaky in treble, and also is more detailed with better spatial recreation imo. The liquid spark amp I recommended is also a warmer and smoother amp that’s less treble heavy compared to other amps, so that also helps control the treble.

I mean I’d assume that, but only OP would know. If you’re just doing gaming with some music I don’t see the point in buying the headphones above. I haven’t directly compared the MH751 to the SHP9500 because I don’t own them both, but from what I remember the MH751 sound better to me at least with metal and edm.

I do personally prefer the mh751 as well, but it’s really more of a slight upgrade or sidegrade is the thing, I just don’t think it’s worth to invest in alongside the shps unless you need closed, which it seems 1exe is more looking for an open back

He is using this as an all rounder it seems, so a general upgrade would be beneficial imo.

I will probably go for the DT 880 or 250 or 600 ohms.

Just to check, you did enjoy the 990 except for the exaggerated treble? The 880 600 ohm is going to be a refined beyer sound, with similar build and comfort too, so if you liked the rest of the beyer sound but not the crazy treble the 880 can be for you (although they are still a bit bright)

Yes, i enjoyed the 990 but the trebble was way too much

Yeah then the 880 600 ohm (or 250) with the liquid spark may be what you are after :+1:

For me its between the 880 or 4xx in this case. The 4xx has a nice wide natural sound. Really good staging all around you particularly front and rear. The 880 and 990 are my picks mainly because while front and rear imaging isn’t as good on them as the 4xx the superior left and right imaging more than make up for it.

Also +1 on the liquid spark

I think the 880 can recreate a space better than the 4xx and placement is better on the 880, but the 4xx does do well with staging too

Should i go for the premium or pro version? It is only a comfort difference?

Like I said my pick are Beyers everytime it’s more precise. But the 4xx can definitely hold its own just in other ways

Premium definitely