Opinions for my next headphone

So I most certainly don’t NEED something new but I do find myself wanting something new and maybe a little different. I have NDH20s, t60rp, 58x jubilee, and b&o h6. The NDH20s are my go to for 98% of things, b&o h6 are mostly for travel purposes. The other two only get touched ocassionaly on specifics songs and situations.

So I’m wondering what would give me a little bit of a different flavor. I tend to consider myself treble sensitive. I have had my eye on the new LCD1 but I don’t know enough about it yet.

Any opinions here? Power is not an issue, price wise I’d say around $700 mark but that’s not a hard limit.

Well I think the lcd1 is pretty dang great. I would say though that it might be a bit similar to your ndh20 imo.

Spin the bottle…oh the Koss 95X?

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You have them? They seem pretty small, are they truly over ear?

I recently went and heard them at a friends house for a couple of hours, as I was curios to see how they would turn out. I would say that these wouldn’t be ideal for someone with larger ears, but if you comfortably fit the ndh20 I don’t think it would be an issue

Kind of prefer something I could take on the go semi easily.

Hmmm alright, thoughts on the sound overall? Just looking for more opinions on them. Saw some online. Not sure if you know or not but can they be run balanced or single ended only?

I mean I don’t do that well with impressions but I can do comparisons lol, but I would say that my opinions pretty much align with most of the reviews that come out, as I really think they are a great buy for the price.

If I compared them to the NDH20, I would say the NDH20 might be a bit wider or relatively similar width to the lcd1, and both the ndh20 and lcd1 are a bit smoother with a warmer sound and a bit more low end. I think the lcd1 actually might be more detailed, and imo more enjoyable for music then the ndh20. I think comfort will be around the same, but the build on the ndh20 is a fair bit better then the lcd1 imo

Interesting. Any other recommendations?

Well, this might be pushing your budget, but the new DCA (Dan Clark Audio) AEON 2 might be up your alley, but I have not heard it yet so I don’t know for sure.

Since you want something portable, perhaps also something like the campfire cascades, as they are very fun and can be pretty enjoyable

Actually, something like the audioquest nighthawks are very different and would fit the bill of less treble, and they would be below your budget. Very different sound signature and presentation than most headphones

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Appreciate it. Gonna take a look at all of those.

Also, doesn’t NEED to be portable, just something that could potential be taken along. Not like an estat that’s basically required it to stay home. For instance, I could take my NDH20s along. But I won’t because I love them too much and I’d be afraid of damaging them.

Feel free to throw some more recommendations in here.

Some focal elegias or elex might work just fine them, but they aren’t as compact as the other options I mentioned.

yes the AEON 2 is very intersting but maybe above your 700 budget with 899 in preorder

I second the Elegia - best deal under 700 right now and they can take a beating - no problem at all
do you wear glasses? seal is very important for this one

I saw a “open box” Hifiman Ananda for 750 not long go - this could be another one

If he tends to consider himself treble sensitive, that might not be the best option lol. The edition xx is a darker version of the ananda, so that might work well

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yes it is bright but very good controlled - not a DT1990

he should listen to a few if possible - maybe it is ok

the Edition XX gets really mixed reviews - so skipped this one - only know the Ananda from listening

I do wear glasses, but taking them off while at my desk is not out of the question

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Aeon 2 is made using Ether 2 driver design and Ether 2 doesn’t get mostly good reviews so perhaps caution might be indicated? Got the impression from Darko’s vid of the Aeon 2 that it sounds very much like the Ether.

Well I mean I do enjoy my ether, you just have to not be bothered by the compression. I don’t think it’s a bad headphone, you just have to like the signature

I seem to keep going back to the LCD1. Not really sure why but…

Well I just bought one lol (even though I definitely don’t need another pair of headphones)