PC38X or TYGR 300R

I’m an aspiring audiophile looking for a headphone that I can use specifically for music listening and gaming. From my research so far I have determined the following: 1. The PC38x is cheaper, especially since it has a mic, which I would need to buy otherwise with the TYGR and 2. The TYGR is better for music, the PC38x is better for gaming.

My main question is how marginal is the difference in point 2? I’m almost sure I would prefer the sound signature of the TYGR since it is V shaped, I almost exclusively listen to instrumental music, it seems by far the most fun out of the two, and its decent for gaming still. Since I’m not a super competitive gamer, although I do play competitive games, and I will use these headphones the most time-wise for music listening, it seems like the TYGR is for me. But since I will need a mic with the TYGR, it would be about $50 more than the PC8X. What it boils down to is basically this question… are the TYGR 300 Rs better at gaming than the PC38Xs are for music listening, and is this difference $50-80?

Ultimately these headphones seem pretty close, and that $50 is not a huge deal anyway, but I thought I would ask the crowd about just how different these headphones are.

I’ve never heard either but from what I’ve garnered from reviews the PC38x suffer in musicality because of the way it compresses dynamic range so that small sounds like footsteps aren’t overpowered by gunshots. This isn’t an accurate approach and so that’s why they are only decent for music listening. I’d say that for an extra $50-$80, it’s a good deal considering:

  1. The PC38X mic is also only good but not great so that extra mulah on a mic will be well spent
  2. There are many headphones that are better for music for less than $150
  3. You wouldn’t be using them for “super-competitive” gaming

The Tygrs would probably be the better choice for you and are still great for gaming as they have a large soundstage, but just don’t expect to be hearing footsteps while people are shooting at you.

That’s super helpful thank you! One more thing I’m curious about that I don’t know if you can help me with but is worth a shot: what’s the sale pricing look like for the TYGRs? are they prone to go on sale really ever? A lot of the reviews I watched mentioned they were about $180, but that’s not the case anymore on beyerdynamic’s website. A bit unfortunate that they’re literally only sold there. I’m just trying to get a feel for if there are sales coming anytime soon or if I should just pull the trigger.

From what I see, it’s only one Andrew Jackson more on Beyer’s website

Hmm, I can chime in here on a few things but not a definitive answer until my copy of pc38x comes in.

Depends on your sound preference. PC38x appears to be tuned bright while Tygr is tuned to be Warm.

This is correct, however that particular mic after listening to multiple sound qualities and knowing an online friend who owns the headphone, I am going to be completely honest here… the mic sucks. I have heard a few other gaming headsets that offered better clarity then the pc38x microphone. It isn’t that it’s unusable just definitely not something I would consider “great”.

See, the thing is this comment is so horridly subjective due to multiple reasonings. First off they are different signatures. Secondly, there has been multiple remarks that the soundstage on the pc38x is just slightly above average and the imaging is good meanwhile tygr over there has a very large soundstage and laser imaging. I can’t say for certain if pc38x is better or not yet, it could be but the problem lies in that it’s bad for music due to lack of detail, seperation, quality, people made some remarks on the brightness having some grain, it just doesn’t have that musicality like the tygr so the Tygr just generally is a better well rounded headphone in comparison due to being excellent in both music, casual, and competitive.

Hmm, I would say it’s Warm, not V. It does have a very slight peak above neutral but the treble itself dips under neutral and slightly dips in the mids. It has an ever so slight amount of brightness which does show up from time to time in tracks. I would say it’s much more on the warm spectrum than anything after listening to it as one of my go to headphones.

I would say above “decent” grade when it comes to the tygr. It hits above the pricepoint as one of the best in the market for gaming in general on my list. I say this after having tested all the big shot gaming headsets an a very large variety of the headphones deemed great for gamers up to around $600. Of course this is my own opinion. I have competitively gamed with the tygr, used it for music, and played a lot of casual games with it… its quite beautiful to listen to. Granted, if you wanted the proper V signature I would point you towards the DT 990(it is quite sharp though forewarning) as the Tygr is just a redone and modified DT 990 at 32 ohms.

well heres the thing, your paying roughly around $30 more if you go with the Tygr unless it goes on sale again down to $175 like when I first picked mine up. However, the mic on the pc38x is not by any means good. So that extra funds your using towards the microphone are just towards a much better quality mic. Your call on that one really…

It seems to be quite unanimous among a lot of people that the pc38x is just quite bad for musicality. I wouldn’t say the Tygr is better than the other beyers for music but it’s nice when you can’t tolerate the brightness or you don’t have an amp to get a better headphone. I can potentially answer this after I get the pc38x in to see what all the hype is about but it will still just be my own opinion.

The price difference would be like $30 extra for the tygr, plus the microphone you can get like a Blue Yeti for around $50-$60 or if you wanted a Dynamic Microphone the Samson q2u brand new is $60 you can find them cheaper though.

I have to chime in on this and say this is very false. Yes, the tygr is a warm headphone however, it isn’t so bassy that it it’s in the way of sounds. It images and soundstages perfectly in competitive. It gets beaten by the DT 880 of course but that’s due to the added brightness(and straight up neutral bass) much like the DT 990 can beat the tygr in a good scenario, granted 990 is a bassier headphone than the tygr.

I would think it may be safe to assume the $50 shp9500 could best the pc38x honestly… maybe not in imaging but in everything else and musicality yeah. Then again, dunno till I get the headset.

$175-$180 around the same if you buy 3rd party off somebody. The headphone almost never shows up being sold on it’s own and seems as though people keep the headphone in their collection more often than not. Not to mention it always goes out of stock.

Bad selling point, agreed.

There might be, considering the holidays are right around the corner.

Any final conclusion here on FPS positional accuracy…? 300 R vs PC38X / HE400i 2020.

I went for the 300 R.

Have sat with all 3. PC38x and tygr go head to head in smaller fps but tygr edged out in front for me in larger fps such as battlefield and others. HE400i came in last. In terms of musicality he400i with head to head with Tygr300r and I would say is more subjective preference at that point


Excellent. I presume those 2 major treble cuts aren’t really noticeable in-game on the 300 R/880 Black Edition. I’m certainly not after these for music performance or linearity, after all lol.

would not recommend the black edition 880 250 ohm due to it’s strange signature.

Tygr sound more warm with a slight peak in the treble so that ever so slight sharpness is apparent. I hear no big dips in the treble but the recession to the mids is noticeable as it is in the lower treble but not as noticeable as something like a 990. In terms of gaming I have quite literally 0 instances of misplacements in a very large congested gunfight this goes in arma, planetside, cod, overwatch, valorant, csgo, etc. PC38x started to struggle in games like siege down larger maps and fps larger than that, and could not properly seperate sounds which led to some inaccuracies during heavily heated gunfights(battlefield and planetside)

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Would you rank anything higher than the TYGR, below ~$500? (Don’t you play any old games…? :frowning: ;p )

hmmm, in terms of gaming? DT 1990 / T1.2 + pad swap. You lose some on the imaging but they have a better sound to my ear and are more flexible with their sound so when you swap the pad you can get more out of it. Then again, complete overkill with these two and T1.2 is hard as hell to find below $500 right now. I want to recommend hifiman’s products but they just aren’t quite there for imaging in comparison…

I mean, you tell me… I have over 2,000 games in my library not including all the old school games from years back dating all the way back to super nintendo and even some Atari

So TYGR still wins for imaging, even there(if that’s what you were saying)! Very nice. I thought Sundara was quite technically good, but its stage presentation didn’t feel too natural to me, compared to AD700X/900X, at yeast.

What are the oldest online games you’d play in a given week?

of current? Let me think… Eve online, Runescape, Maplestory, Old school call of duty like back to world at war, definitely back to old halo as I refuse to play the new garbage, battlefields were nice but they all had issues but I would play them still, arma 2 was nice back then. Then again, I am old enough to know about Gemstone and Realm some of the oldest mmos I can even think of. Oh and quake, that was always fun. Trying to think of some old strategy games that are still online but a lot of them just die out lol. I use to play a lot of older civ and the likes back then

Sundara has a particularly interesting stage to it. It’s larger than the tygrs, but not as accurate on the imaging. At the same time Sundara has a lot of air to it’s sound that makes it have this huge spacious sound recreation to it which can push some people away or really attract others.

I play some old ~2004 shooters. :slight_smile: Other than that, it’s mainly interesting horror indie games and new retro FPS.

It’s interesting how terrible Crinacle says the PC38X is for imaging & soundstage… Like, what. I didn’t know he even played games lol. Then he graphed the 300 R, but said nothing about them.

I would say it’s one of the best headsets… but an awful headphone. if I could get the pc38x for like… I want to say $120 range? Slam deal for a gamer but I would take something like 58x jubilee any day of the week over it because it’s just better… Tygr in almost every single way slams that thing into the dirt. PC38x only competes in the smaller fps in the most ideal circumstances but then again, so can any headphone including the 6xx over there which makes pc38x sound quality look like a flaming dumpster fire. It got shilled the hell out of and I am not sure why.

I am not one to pull my punches after so many years in gaming, if it sucks it sucks… I will call that as I see it. PC38x easily outperforms the gaming headsets I have tried and I have sat with well… I believe just about all of them at this point that are rated good. Though the moment you hit sometime that’s an actual headphone in the same price range the pc38x gets shut down

Lol. Mad psyched to get my 300 R!!! Also trying out FiiO FD1 and Timmkoo C630 for game testing later this week or so.

those aren’t bad at all… I do like my bl0ns more though so I tend to stick with those… moondrop starfield are lovely as well.

for me, beyerdynamic soul byrds all day anyday.

yep yep, I think you will be alright, if not beyer has alternatives to help with whatever the issue is at this point

Oh? I wonder if the Hifi Dreams/Headconcert guy hasn’t tried those yet. You think they beat C630 for 3D positional accuracy? I really doubt the FD1 will be better than anything I have, so I was thinking of canceling it.

if your planning to use those for gaming, not completely sure… I would never use ear buds for gaming considering just how generally bad they are for the use case lol… I think it’s a bit of a toss up. 630 are still very good I believe they are discontinued now though

I mean, if theres a return policy it wouldn’t hurt to try them out.

Hard to tell there, haha. Definitely no roll-off on the Bird, though…! If that graph is correct. For non-gaming purposes, I wouldn’t be looking at the C630 at all.