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Just a thread because I think this one will have its own following and its deserving of it.

Please share your journey with the F2 and your impressions.


PENON FAN2 Video is out. A whole lotta fun making this video.

Sorry to say but No fruit porn but there is some heavy breathing!

PM for 1/2 CODE shared by Penon to me for you.


It’s not perfect
But I can’t listen to anything else.

Any genre, any volume, all day long
They’re attractive. I want them in my ears.

Back to enjoying the music.
Thank you Fan 2


Is this a particular form of poem?

4 syllables
10 syllables

11 syllables
10 syllables

8 syllables
4 syllables

It’s a got a certain amount of symmetry to it!


Hi, I just got them in the mail today.
Too early to share impressions except I am surprised by the results obtained from tip rolling.

1- The Fan 2s are the most sensitive IEMs to tip changes I have had so far.

2- Interestingly I get the biggest stage with Radius Deep Mounts, although these are quite bassy tips. JVC Spiral Dots seem to do better tonaly, despite more treble the sound stage is noticeably smaller.
Seems the particular fit of the Deep Mounts… Fits well with the Fan 2.

Interested in your tips suggestions.


Whizzer Easytips SS20 one size smaller worked for me


Deep mounts were a good fit for me too

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Indeed there lies a surprise for me, I am used to IEMs with some kind of a volume threshold above which bass is thumping, and below it almost nothing can be felt.
Fan 2s are different, no threshold, more linear. Even at low volume, percussions have physical presence, just less than at higher volume.
Better for long listening sessions.

Yeah, I just find them a bit too dark for an already warm set. But they really open up the stage for me.


FWIW KZ Starline seem to be the slightly clearer Deep Mounts I needed. Same deep fit, better contoured percussions, same stage.

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Got my Penon FAN2.

First impression:

The single BA for Mid and single BA for treble is what is keeping it from being truly awesome. It sounds pseudo mono, or not quite fully stereo. This lends to a narrower, contained sense of the soundstage. It also hurts some of the dimensionality that Penon is known for.

It surprisingly sounds taller than usual.

Tonal density for upper half of frequency response is thinner than bottom half. Speaking of bottom half and bass, it is quite impressive how fast and tight it is and performs at a high level.

For $140 with the 50% coupon code, it is a very good IEM. At full price of $280, It can’t quite match others for the upper mids continuing through the treble. Those BA’s are just working a bit too hard and it sounds slightly strained and flat.


What is the nozzle size?

late reply - you using these straight up, or flipped tip?

Just got the Radius Deepmount tips from Ebay Japan.
OMG they sound great on Fan2!! :heart_eyes:
Big open soundstage and that addictive thumping bass.


Nice that ks for sharing one tip I don’t own yet.

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That’s the best part of this hobby. Tweaking and improving and finding new things. And the joy at success! :slight_smile:

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And I actually think stock tips are good too. Both blue and grey/green. Once you find the correct size.

I don’t quite understand how to PM someone. ToneDeafMonk can you please PM the Penon Fan 2 code? Thanks

If you click on someone’s avatar or username there’s an option to message them. “PM” just means private message.

Thanks @ToneDeafMonk

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