PENON FAN2- Fanpage

Just a thread because I think this one will have its own following and its deserving of it.

Please share your journey with the F2 and your impressions.

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PENON FAN2 Video is out. A whole lotta fun making this video.

Sorry to say but No fruit porn but there is some heavy breathing!

PM for 1/2 CODE shared by Penon to me for you.

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It’s not perfect
But I can’t listen to anything else.

Any genre, any volume, all day long
They’re attractive. I want them in my ears.

Back to enjoying the music.
Thank you Fan 2


Is this a particular form of poem?

4 syllables
10 syllables

11 syllables
10 syllables

8 syllables
4 syllables

It’s a got a certain amount of symmetry to it!