Periapt cables poor quality control?

Just received my first Periapt headphone cable and it was defective!
No sound from left channel.It cost $80!I have 20 year old cheap Chinese
cables that are better quality.Any one else had this problem with Periapt?

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Not to be that guy, just that I contacted customer support and then realised it was user error.

Edit: I have no experience with Periapt

Bought a set of balanced cables for Aeon 2’s and they worked perfectly and great build quality here.

Contact them…


When touching the heat shrink around the jack the audio cuts in and out.
I don’t see how that’s user error.Yes its plugged in all the way and the jacks
are clean.Same effect on all headphones .

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Guess I just have bad luck.I am returning my 80 dollar pretty orange string!

If you arent willing to give them another chance, you can try Hart for a similar price.

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My first order from Periapt got mixed up with someone else’s; bad first impression … but then they had great customer service and straightened it out right away; I have bought two more since then and zero issues.


Ohh man as someone who makes cables, seeing a post like this is a would-be nightmare for me and constant source of anxiety. I’d contact them. I’m sure they’ll be eager to make it right for you.


I contacted them yesterday,Have not gotten a reply.

There usually always is variable % of products, for all products and any product that fail’s after production + shipping = after being sold to end user.
Would not say poor quality after one try.
Like after ~3 different hifiman headphones breaking or and having different quality issues.
Then we start’s be in the poor region.

It’s nice to give change to seller / company with customer return policys.
In most cases they fix / change it or anything for the end user.
If not. Then the “poor quality” exponentially grows with the product and specially the company / seller.

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Another reason I like HAC. Brux is usually pretty good about getting back to you pretty quickly

I bought one last year for the Fostex headphones.
Delivery time was 6-7 weeks, which was annoying because it was shipped to Germany.
Optically there were some differences in the shrink tubes where you should have seen when doing the quality check.
Soundwise I think it is not as good as the original from Fostex.
I had to scratch so easily every now and then.
And now I made a new one with the Viablue cable Epc 2 and there is nothing left.

That was my feeling, I don’t want to say it is bad but not good either.
But I was not really satisfied either.
It will be used as a replacement cable or so, but I will not buy any more, just the waiting time I could have made one for myself in that time.
And it is not difficult at all when you deal with it.
I found the Fostex plugs at AliExpress.

Hart audio was my first choice.But to be honest I’m a little stupid and did not see exactly what I needed right away.I was looking for dual 2.5 mm to a 2.5 trrs balanced.I saw the 2.5 balanced interconnect but did not notice a dual 2.5 headphone cable.If I cannot work it out with Periapt I will definitely order from Hart audio.


Why do it not yourself so you see what you do, :slight_smile:.
Is not Expensiv the first Equipment.
You can get a soldering iron at every corner, silver solder is usually more expensive than the soldering iron :grin:.
And plugs etc. you can choose what you want.
And it is not difficult to have a calm hand, see where which cable goes with plus and minus and make sure that no short circuit is caused.
Nothing more.
I need 3-4 hours for it but then it is clean.
I made this all by myself. :wink:

One for the Denon D7200,Fostex Tr x 00,other for Denon D2000.


I’ll be posting about the latest shit I got in from HAC later today one of them being a dual 2.5mm cable.

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Bought a Periapt balanced cable for my Argon’s with the balanced mod. Kept tripping my THX 789 protective circuit. Contacted Periept, they said wrong pin-out. Shipped it back to Periapt, they sent me a completely different cable back. Shipped that cable back, and finally received the right cable. Sounded great once I got a functioning cable, but the back a forth was annoying.

Have several Periapt cables and never a problem… Also have the Hart audio eco system. Prefer it but not because their was any problem with the Periapt at all

I’ve ordered 2 cables from Periapt. First one was no problem at all, 2nd one there was some intermittent loss of audio in the left ear. Customer service rep was very nice and helpful, gave me a shipping label and I sent it back. Came back again and haven’t had any issues, but initially yes I did have that one issue which was frustrating and annoying.

@Joe_B Sorry about the wait, but the post is made:

Two days and counting.Still have not heard from Periapt customer service. :frowning: