🔶 Philips Fidelio X2HR

This is the official thread for the Philips Fidelio X2HR. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Over Ear
  • Amp needed
  • Open Back

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Testing these out yesterday and today. Mainly in comparison to the HD58X’s.

With my Vali 2 and assorted STP, these have a bit more kick in the bottom end, but vocals are a bit recessed. Essentially what everybody knows already. I was hoping they might have something extra or something special to set them apart.
Just for a laugh I will run them through the SP200 today.

Alas, the only standout feature was that $99.00 price. I would return them, but I bought them from Amazon.com and I am in Canada. Even if they accept a return, I will probably lose out on the extra fees.

I’ll keep testing for this week, but my curiosity is satisfied. Decent headphone at a Great price.

Yeah, if you know what you are getting it’s decent but not something I would recommend over something like the 58x or 4xx

I am a little disappointed, but not much. I knew what I was getting. The HE4XX’s were a much worse experience!
The HD58X’s are, to me, the best economy headphones you can get right now. Truly a jack of all trades, but master of none. Ideal for a beginner or someone tight for money.

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You seem to be one of the few that didn’t really enjoy the 4xx (as in strongly dislike, which isn’t a problem lol, just noting it)

And I am also in the much smaller group of people that didn’t like the HD6XX’s.

Good thing I have thick skin.:yum:

Lol yeah, well it’s good you did find stuff you do like though :+1:

It has been five years of trial and error. That is what makes this hobby horrendously expensive!:smile:

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I really, REALLY like the X2HR. I remember the original X2’s as having a darker sound signature, but I’m pleased with the HR’s appering a tad brighter.

I am running them off a very inexpensive DAC, but I’m curious to know if they scale with a more powerful amplifier.

what was it about the 4xx you didnt like?

I did not find the sound clear. And I also found the bass messy. And I tried it with like 5 amps.

Just wasn’t meant to be.

epic btr3 attachment i’ve made. cliped it on to the wire it self


Required accessory for the X2HR… :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m a total dullard when it comes to balanced outputs, can I get an adapter and use a 4-pole cable to use this with my Liquid Carbon X? I get that it probably wouldn’t do anything for noise but the single ended 1/4" is 0.7w (50ohms) vs the 2.8w of the balanced XLR. Zeos noted that it sounds quite a bit worse.

I don’t think the x2 is wired internally for balanced, so you can risk damaging your headphones and amp by doing that. You would either have to take apart and rewire your headphones, get new headphones, or get a new amp

I agree that the LCX is somewhat subpar on it’s single ended output as well

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Ah well. I’m coming from a Fiio K3 that pops any time I watch a Youtube video, so I guess what I haven’t heard won’t kill me.

That sounds like a driver issue that can typically be fixed

Fiio’s driver hasn’t been updated since 2014. The updated firmware actually made it worse, they don’t seem interested in fixing it.

You can use the fiio q1 mkii driver and it works fine with no issues

Here is the driver: fiio-file.fiio.net/FiiO_USB_DAC_Driver-V4.47.0.zip
That may auto download as a warning lol

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It doesn’t entirely fix it, but it’s not every time now. It actually fixed a weird playback issue in Audacity. Thanks, weird that the listed K3 driver is worse.