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  • Type: Over Ear
  • Amp recommended: No
  • Open Back

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How was there no official thread already…

Good question. IDK lol

I wondered this myself. I was just looking for one last night and didn’t see one and thought to myself, “How the hell is this forum missing one of the most hyped up headphones of all time”. Kind of blew my mind.

Don’t ask me lol, I just added some that I saw that were missing

Yea. I associate the 9500 with zeos probably more than any other headphone. Still one of my favorite reviews from an entertainment point of view too.

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Another more recent review from gaming PC channel. This was just from a a month ago too. lol

top comment.

I’ve tried these on, and I could say they could do with a bump in comfort. Didn’t get to try with any of my music, but the fit just didn’t feel right.

They are just loose and big. I would say they are decently confortable. But the x2hr is def more confortable. IMO

I had these and I was impressed with the sound quality for a $60 headphone. the build quality is pretty nice also. but the problem I had with it is the band is really big and loose. even when I tried to correct it still just bent back in its shape. I saw that techmoan actually owned one of these. Zeos has three pairs of these that apparently he uses for streaming.

But it does have its limitations. I found they can distort using my gear and listening to Simple Minds. I would say at this price range thier probably the best headphones you can get. unless there are others I don’t know about. anybody want to recommend their competition? still a cant help thinking for 40 bucks more you get the much superior X2HR

They are tuned very differently though the 9500 is very bass light and bright with some sizzle and more analytical. While the Fidelio is bassy fun with smooth highs

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Yep I’ve noticed there are some that you can listen to strictly for entertainment purposes, and this was one of them. Also the ones he sh*ts on something are some of the best

I’m happy to own these. They just great and over comfy “gaming” cans.
With the combo “best headphones 1000$” you can’t go wrong.

Recent review from the Headphone Experience.

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i really didnt like these to be honest. i was so excited on arrival and was just disappointing with everything lol, looks, fit, sound… why are these so popular? am i missing something? im seriously contemplating buying another pair due to the hype.

I mean if you can’t confirm your pair was flawed I wouldn’t suggest it TBH. I really am not the biggest fan of the shps either, but some really like them

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This headphone + zmf eikon micro suede pads = bassy fun. They basically turn into x2 but with a bit more clarity.

I have the 9500s, for me they are a great set of headphones, very light, comfortable, incredible soundstage. I use them with an m-audio m-track usb audio interface and they tend to be a little bright. anyway, i love this headphones, they just float in my head :laughing:

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These or the KSC75, regardless of price?

Personally the ksc75 for me but that’s prob not the pick most people would make lol

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