Philips X2HR vs Sennheiser HD 58x with Fiio K5 pro

Help me decide which one to get please!

I’m going to buy a Fiio K5 pro as well so if you have any other suggestion for dac and amp feel free to help me.

This are going to be for desktop use with my pc, I mainly play videogames (fps), listen to music, mostly from spotify at 320kbps but I have some flac albums and to watch movies, almost all with lossless audio.

I’m coming from a pair of sennheiser momentum with a shit (not schiit unfortunately) dac.

The philips are 165€ and the 58x are 145€ from massdrop with shipping to europe.

Feel free to add any other suggestion. My budget is 200€ but if it’s really worth it I could go up to 350€, but it has to be a big upgrade.


So what type of sound are you after? The 58x is real solid and my preference over the x2 but it depends on what you want to get out of the headphones

The 58x are awesome. I’d go with that over the philips, which i hear bad things about. a Sundara is better though. if you got the dough

I really don’t know, but what I can say it’s that I prefer a more enjoyable sound over a super analytical sound, since I’m not working with them. Sound in movies is very important as well, an open sound stage that can make me feel in the scene. The same goes for gaming plus the ability to identify where a sound is coming from.

Gotcha. Well the 58x are pretty solid for enjoyable sound, but it’s soundstage can be a bit small for some, and not the most open. Pretty decent at gaming as well. The dt880 600 or 990 600 ohm might be up your alley but could be a bit bright/analytical for your tastes (you could combat this by getting a different amp but not sure if you would have it over where you are

Do you think the Sundara at 350€ are that much worth over one of those two at 160€?

oh yes, that was the first headphone i got that made me cry. very nice. almost perfect. reference

What do you think about the Sundara that Antpage2 was suggesting? Worth 350€ over 160€ of the 58x or the x2hr?

I think it is, it will be different from what you have too, the 58x would carry over a somewhat kinda similar house sound from the momentum but more refined, the sundara would be pretty different but would be an overall improvement in technicalities imo, but a different signature

both are pretty great if you love your bass the fidelio x2 hrt are definitely the pick out of the 2 the 58x goes for a more narrow but more balamnced sound leaning more towards the mids the bass is nice and very present and treble is pleasant and smooth. while the fidelio are wider sounding has significantly more bass in some tracks can leak into the mids but if you dont mid that its a really fun headphone otherwise. other picks would be the dt 880 and 990 600 ohm which are my picks for competitive gaming due to their techinical prowess in terms of soundstage and very precise imaging and possible the he 4xx if you like a neutral bright headphone with good bass extension

I read your reply on ltt forum as well :slight_smile: thank you!
What’s your opinion about them in movies? I only watch movies with lossless audio so I think I’d tell the difference

both are pretty compent for movies I prefer the fidelio over the 58x the wider soundstagve and more bass really lends it more immersion over the 58x.

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I was suggested the AKG K712 Pro (233€) do you have anything to say about those? Thanks

very nice harman tuned headphone nice well built closed back I dont really have anything to say against it aside from harman tuning is not for everybody but paired the the right music its a pretty awesome headphone.

Those are pretty solid, I think those would give you good subbass, good width and soundstage, and be refined enough as well

I also know a guy theat like the 712 so much it became his favorite sub $1000 headphone so theres something to say with that . Im not gonna say they are a $1000 good but they are definitely a good pair of headphones

Just too expensive in the us lol

The K712 Pro is not closed back.

Aren’t they open back?

At the end:
The HD599 are at 180€
The AKG k712 Pro are at 233€
The 58x are at 145€
The x2 are at 160€

Which one would you get considering Gaming (mainly online fps, but I play single player rpgs as well), music (I listen to almost everything), and movies (usually lossless audio or atmos audio with dolby atmos for windows headphones)?

What’s your opinion on me getting the fiio k5 pro at 180€?


oh shit I had the 751 on my mind . fuck @leyo96 disregared everything I just said I was thinkiing of the wrong headphone nice catch maze. the 712 are great for gaming and general content consumption very wide sounding fairly neutral with good bass extension but overall very balanced sounding. it has a bit more soundstage than the fidelios less bass but more of everything else. thats about the price Ive seen the 712 here but you can maybe find them cheaper over on thatside of the pond. and $180 for the k5 pro is a bit much in all honesty. you can probably get more for you money buying a magni 3 + of heresy form the schiit EU store and a topping d10 from your countries amazon.

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