Planar Magnetic Open Back Over-Ear Headphones

I am looking into Thieaudio Phantom and heard a lot of good things about it, but you have to do some mods to perfect it. I am looking for something that is great right out of the box, with less mods to do, and really durable. It’s going to be my first Planar Magnetic Open Back Over-Ear Headphones, if there are other alternatives that is better, i am opened to hear everyone’s recommendations!!! Also i am looking for a thick and really durable cable for the headphones to get the best out of the headphones!!! And recommendations for really comfortable Ear pads too.

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So if your budget allows, somthing like the Audeze LCD-2 ($1000) fits all your requirements. Audeze are often considered to be great planets and are built great and they come with a durable case.

If this is to high a price, then maybe try the Hifiman Sundara ($350). They are a more neutral sound signature but are very well liked by many people on this forum. The only drawbacks might be the build (Hifiman are not known for consistent build quality) and you would have to buy a separate case.

A good case but I can’t 100% confirm it will fit sundaras.

Also since it seems to be taking him longer than usual, I’ll summon @M0N for you lol.

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Sundaras are a solid choice. Listening to a set right now out of an Asgard 3. It’s very good.

Do you have an amp?

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What type of sound are you after for the headphones?

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A jack of all trades

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Ah so something neutral with good technicalities that isn’t too specialized? I would be inclined to recommend the sundara instead. The phantom is pretty poor stock, and when modded it does improve, but imo the sundara ends up being my preference anyway, I think it’s more detailed, more refined, and generally a more impressive headphone (but I do think the phantom does have a bit more bass impact). If you wanted a nice durable cable something from periapt cables wold work well

What amp do you plan to be using?

A huge thank you to Mon and everyone else here for steering me to the Sundaras. Just got mine today…took a few hours for them to “open up”, but now are awesome. They fit my need for orchestral and vocals. Heard new things on Billie Jean. The timbre for piano, violins, brass etc is spot on. Again thanks, I’m a happy camper!


I want something with OCD detail, i am into perfect sound, but i am a bit of a bass head, i like really good bass too, and also hearing everything crystal crystal clear.

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I don’t really have space for a amp and my computer is not in my room but is in my office, can you connect the amp through a Dap? i have a night stand to put the amp if you can connect the amp through a Dap.

The dt1990 also might be up your alley, pretty neutral bright with an aggressive signature that’s very clear with good imaging and soundstage, with good quality bass but might be lacking in quantity for some

If your dap has a line out mode you can easily connect it to an amp like a magni 3+

I would really like to feel the bass, like it is thumping in your ears, but i can look pass it if it has really detailed bass.

I have a Hiby R6 Pro Dap

May i have links to the Headphones, and really good cable and pads to go with it? I heard periapt cables are really good, which one matches up with the headphones? I just want a cable that can really last through the test of time, I want something thick and really durable, made with high quality material.

Ah then in that case, I do think the sundara would be up your alley, you would want to grab a 4.4mm balanced cable for it

I would just keep the stock pads on here imo

You would want the xlr balanced, and then grab an adapter like this

As long as the headphones has OCD detail in everything and somewhat good bass i am find with it, i am just want something that has crystal detail in every aspect of sound frequency.

The material and durability is not rated well and so is the sound quality on Amazon, is there any short comings, will these headphones last for a long time?

How about the link to the Amp that can be used with a Dap, does the Hiby R6 pro work on Amps, or do i have to go for another Dap?

The sundara is decently reliable but qc is always a concern with hifiman, if you are concerned then I would instead point you towards like the 1990

Yeah i am always concern if the headphones is going to last and not give me any problems in the future, so i will have headache free when listening to music.