Planning on buying DT880 (600 ohm) Need AMP+DAC

There is a recent thread about these headphones but his budget was pretty tight. My budget is about 520 USD/ 430 Euro. I want to go with something that will get a lot out of them. I will be mainly use these on my PC.

I have ofc looked at the Emotiva BasX A-100 but i don’t know what DAC to combine that with. Would love recommendations for that.

Any other ideas for AMP/DAC Combos highly appreciated.
I live in EU/Germany, but if its not availabe here and i will have to import it i will bite the bullet for this.
Thanks in advance!

A lake people g103s + an allo revolution dac (with their 15 buck psu) would be a really good combo and pretty flexible, should fit into your budget well and be avail where you are. It’s a more studio neutral combo, but with the allo you can tilt it a bit warmer organic or keep it neutral, still sounds fairly organic though and controlled without being harsh


I don’t recommend the BasX for these headphones.

Check out my thoughts on this here: 🔶 Beyerdynamic DT880 600Ω

Would agree here, I really wouldn’t buy a basx for headphones

thanks i will read this in just a second. I just saw Zeos go nuts for this combo.

Seems like this combination reaches a bit out of my budget in EU Prices sadly. Any other ideas?

Just read all the way through your and the thx 789 seems very appealing, i wasn’t able to find the dac you used anywhere for sale. Do you have another recommendation for a DAC?

The Enog DAC is from Geshelli Labs here in the US. They’re not selling that model anymore and it has been replaced by the Jnog, which I also have.

Curious if you’ve scrolled down a few posts in that other thread and saw my followup post where I tested a 4th amp the next day.

I know you’re in Europe, so I can’t reliably recommend any DAC’s to you, aside from what I have here, which are all from American companies. But I have no doubt others here can help you out.

Just swap the allo dac for a topping e30 and it should be ok imo


i did read that, but the jotunheim is just way out of my price range. Thanks you tho for you extensive testing and help tho!

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No worries. Good luck!

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Personally I just got a pair of 880 600 ohms myself, also in europe. I went with the Zen DAC/CAN stack. I don’t really have anything to compare to and I’m not an audiophile but the combo sounds fine to me. That said, I did modify the headphone to change the cable and use them in balanced mode. As far as I understood that gives them a little more juice than you would normally get.

Going by Amazon or even the Ifi reseller WOD Audio if in Germany you can probably fit both the amp/dac and headphones into your budget. In my case I added a cheap tube pre-amp as well, which only made a minor change but made the sound a little less aggressive and easier to listen to.

That said WaveTheory has put out a recent review here on the CAN that might make you reconsider the AMP at least: 🔷 iFi ZEN CAN Headphone Amplifier