Planning to upgrade from my HyperX Cloud Alphas


I am planning to to move from my Hyper X Cloud Alphas and have a hard time deciding which headphone to get. My choices are the Sennheiser 58X Jubilee (160$), Philips Fidelio X2HR (140$ + 30$ shipping), or the Hifiman HE-4XX (200$).

I am new to the world of headphones and I’m not sure which would be the best upgrade/change from my Cloud Alphas which I really love. I mostly play games, listen to music for fun while studying, and watch shows/movies.

I might have plans to get a DAC/AMP in the future but might still be in a long time from now.

If there are other suggestions, I would gladly appreciate them.


Forgot to mention that I actually have the V-Moda Boom Pro mic because it just sounds way better than the stock mic for the Cloud Alpha.

Sennheiser 58x would be the best there for gaming imo

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Since those are all open back I’m going to assume portable is not your primary concern? If that’s true then the 58X jubilee is the cheapest, easiest to drive (your phone/laptop will work just fine), and is subjectively the best sounding.

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I’ve read and heard that the X2HR is more for immersion while the 58X is more for competitiveness. Also I’ve heard that the 150 ohms impedance of the 58X means having a DAC/AMP is almost needed to drive it properly. I’m looking for the best all rounder among these tbh.

Thanks for the recommendation though!

You are right. I just plan on using the cans as my primary headphone while gaming/listening/watching. Also, the 58X is only the cheapest because drop (massdrop) doesn’t ship to my country so I can’t give a final price but I’m assuming a third party delivery service would cost around 20 - 30$ to get it shipped here.

Is it true that the X2HR is more fun to listen to compared to the 58X? It’s what I mostly read and hear from the reviews I have seen so far.

Also isn’t the X2HR easier to drive?

Thanks for the input too btw!

I think the 58x is the better all rounder imo. And also the 58x can run on a phone just fine. A dac/amp can improve the sound, but it’s really not that picky tbh

The X2HR is going to have much more bass and a wider soundstage, but might sound muddy for some music. If you really value bass quantity, the X2 might make more sense, but if you want more quality, the 58x is the better choice imo

If you want an in-between, the he4xx is great. It has a bit more enjoyable bass then the 58x with great detail and a wider soundstage. It just needs more power to work well. You could get a fiio k5 pro and be more then fine to power it.

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you could also look up the Cooler Master MH751 or 752. audiophile grade headset. :slight_smile:

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Alright, I’ll take all of those into consideration when I finally make my decision. Thank you!

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I read that they used the Takstar Pro 82 while the Cloud Alphas was based on the Takstar Pro 80. I’m not too sure whether the sound will be that much different since I haven’t read much on the 82s. Also I wanted to try some open back this time around and hear the difference.

Thank you for the suggestion nonetheless!

Yeah, the mh751 is an upgrade, but not a big enough one imo to justify the 751 when you already have the cloud alphas

That’s what I was thinking. If I was gonna do an upgrade, might as well go with a better leap into audiophile territory.

if you wanted to make a bigger leap, there’s the Audeze Mobius…or the new HyperX Cloud Orbit and Orbit S, which were developed with Audeze’s help. they’re essentially Mobius clones.

I’ve seen those yes and both are very tempting as well but the price isn’t just right for me sadly. hahaha Also I still want to try open back headphones.

what kind of music do you listen to? if you want more bass presence, then get the HE-4xx…planars are good for bass response. I also love my HE-4xx…all I listened to until we moved and they got lost. :frowning:

I mostly listen to pop and electronic. Sometimes classical from time to time. No metal.

Big fan of the 80’s pop music.

I was also looking at the shp9500 seeing how they’re a lot cheaper than the other headphones here and I can also plug in my vmoda boom pro.

then you probably will benefit from something with a better bass response, which would be the HE-4xx compared to the HD58x.

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Alright I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you!

Those would also be pretty good, but I don’t think they are as good as the 58x or 4xx, as they may have around the same detail of your hyperx

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Alright. Might as well stay with my current selections then. Will the 58X be worth the 4 month wait? Cause thats the estimated delivery time for anything from massdrop.