Please recommend music similiar to Howls moving castle main song and Nujabes

please recommend artists or specific songs similar to these 2! I dont just need clssical orchestral but i want the Cheerful or uplifting vibe too. Im basically not just asking for the same genre but straight up similar styles.

It’s a Minute so Bach or Luigi Boccherini is a good place to start :+1:

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any particular song by Nujabes you really like?

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I LOVE MANY including but not limited to Far Fowls, Ordinary Joe, Aurarian dance, Another Reflection, Reflection Eternal, Spiral etc. Basically the full Spiritual State album

Thank you Ohmboy! These songs are the type of songs i was looking for!

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here is nujabes’s north american counter part j dilla together they pionered lo fi hip hop

here is SAIB one of the artists very influenced by nujabes and j dilla’s work

here is tje classic lofi ip hop plalist on spotify

here is awesome chill hop producer
here is another track I really like

here is my personally chill hop playlist I made in a pinch once when people were over and had to make a chill playlist for background music

honestly, I can kep going if you want more recommendations

1 Like oh yeah here is this guy one of nujabes’s close friends and label mates and business partners basically

What do you think are saib’s best albums?

not sure I haven’t really delved that deep into his discography I otsly listen to his singles likespike spiegle or sao paolo sunset being the ones I tend to listen to the most

most of my lo fi hip hop listening these days tend to only really contain nujabes or jdilla really

For some reason for me to add something to my library it has to be an album because I’m stubborn and don’t like loose tracks floating around lol

Already have plenty of nujabes lol. Actually have most of his albums on cd in my basement lol

in that case Bebop and basement grooves might be a place to start.

I remember both being pretty decent listens

honestly SAIB is just pretty consistent in terms of qulity all accross all the tracks I have listened to by him

Thanks for all the recommendations brother! I’ll listen to them, already skimmed around and many sound good. I didn’t know nujabes was considered lofi. Obviously he’s got alot of tracks with rappers but It never seemed to me like what lofi is. Well actually im not a lofi expert lol so take it with a grain of salt
Thanks to nujabes however i did get more into hip hop and found CYNE since i loved cise starr.

Lol you don’t need to be an expert in anything to enjoy music

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