Portable amp/dac for argon mk3?

300 max price

Xduoo xd-05? Has lots of features and enough power

If you wanted better and pushed your price limit by 50, you could get the fiio q5s

i hate quarter inch inputs -.-

Well then how about the iFi Nano iDSD Black Label or the Fiio Q5s

Edit: actually you could get the regular fiio q5 for 300

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can i use the fiio q5 on my android phone all i read is iphone sht.my phone got usb c

Yes it will work with an Android phone. You just need a otg cable to connect the two. You could also use it with Bluetooth if you didn’t want to connect it to your phone

You would just also need this cable

Fiio just doesn’t state Android on the box because there are so many different manufacturers so they can’t legally guarantee it would work on everything. But it will work on most common phones without a hitch

Here is an article that touches on the Android compatibility

I should also add that I have not had any issue with any fiio products including trying the q5 with my LG v30+

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TY SO MUCH !Appreciate it

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im kinda liking the ifi NANO iDSD more what ya think?

Both are great, solid units. The fiio is a more balanced sound and has more power, but the ifi typically has a warmer sound signature (more ““analog”” if you will) that they put in most of their products. I think at this price point, the fiio is more versatile and is the better buy, but the ifi is definitely a solid option. ifi has better options on the higher end as well, where imo fiio does not

I did buy the q5 got a good deal 230$ and the ifi nano is 200$ everywhere ahehe

Nice, I hope you enjoy it

Nice. So how does it fare with your argons?

If you can get a balanced 2.5mm cable then the fiio q1 mk II would do the trick.

Hope you don’t have a latest gen phone. My fiio products won’t work correctly with my Galaxy S10 via usb :confused:

How so? and what products are they? I know someone with a q5 with a galaxy s10+ with no issues to speak of. He uses it at work almost daily

Q1 m2 specifically, sometimes it will work sometimes it will just load instead and still play audio via the phones loudspeaker. I bought an extra otg cable, no effect. Also tried playing around with the dev settings - still won’t work. Have enough other stuff so I’m ok but just not very happy with this situation.

I’ve had no issues with my q1 mk2. Thats pretty strange. Did it work fine on a computer?

I don’t think it’s strange. If it wouldn’t happen they’d certify Android compat imho. There are just too many versions out there to make sure it works for everyone.

It’s working fine with my MacBook Pro.