Probably asking the wrong crowd but any Kpop connoisseurs in here?

Could also be just general Korean music listeners. Like K-Indie


ahhh…mai aers! /rolleyes

You might want to subscribe to SmTown on YouTube:

SM Town (stylized as SMTOWN ) is the umbrella name for the recording artists under South Korean entertainment company SM Entertainment. (Wikipedia)

And Jyp Entertainment, another label.

Haha i take it you’re not a fan? You’d be surprised by how much good korean pop is out there. And how well recorded it is

Of course im aware of them. I would say however that only Red Velvet is good from their groups

Love me some Lee Hi, Heize, and many others!

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Yessssssss! Lee hi is underrated, her voice is crazy good but dosent release much, I actually went to Heize’s concert and met her! She is really good. Other K-Indie I would recommend is Bol4


Thnx for the recommendation btw. Love her voice

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Tidal has recently been gaining Kpop tracks, which makes me happy.

I usually go the route of buying albums on iTunes to support artists/sales.

Notably music videos on YouTube can be fun too.

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Damn that is nice to hear, i hear about tidal all the time but I thought it was a music streaming app with mostly niche genres. I guess not. And yeah buying kpop is tough for high fidelity, sometimes I download the flac off a website AND buy the mp3 off the app store as well to support the artist as you said

Do people generally consider K-pop to be it’s own distinct style? To me it sounds very similar to
a lot of western pop music—which is why I’m rarely into it. I do like J-pop though lol

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Yeah its generally kinda got a sound but the thing is its very fast paced in changing based on the trends. So any recent kpop songs from the past 4 year’s are generally American sounding. But the cool thing about it is that it has more variety than american pop and jpop. For example

Just in these 3 songs and groups theres a lot of variety. Usually it’s the boy groups that just all kinda sound like american pop

Jpop? Like ak48? Im not too familiar with it honestly haha. When it comes to japanese music I mostly know like the anime groups, catch my drift?

But honestly for me K-Indie is where its at. Kpop is legit too tho

I haven’t spent much time looking at AKB48. Now that I think about it, a lot of the music I listen to isn’t really Pop. Mili (Japanese indie group) is probably my favorite single artist. Aside from that, I listen to a ton of vocaloid stuff. He’s few of my random favorites.

And one extra for the lulz…

What’s an example of K-Indie artist? Is that a term for any indie artist or does that mean a particular style?

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Ah i see! Yeah okay haha big difference in saying jpop and japanese music haha! And the second song is a remix of freckles by judy and mary right? Its a rurouni kenshin song so I recognized it. I also listened to the other music and i getcha now. Its like Daoko right? That type of music

Its just indie music but in korean haha. You know the non mainstream stuff. Alot of good unsigned or just less popular korean artists, the first one i linked is the perfect example of one, has the “vibe” too. But indie is such an umbrella term

This las one is hilarious lol

Damn last time I listened to Kpop I only listened to 2ne1 cause that had some pretty legit hip hop songs and really liked the way that one girl rapped.

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