PS4 Closed Back Headphone advice needed

Hi guys! After two years of using my HyperX Cloud headset (loved them!), I’m ready for an update. I’m looking for:

  • Closed back headphones

  • For gaming (Call of Duty) and casual use

  • With mic (or possibility to attach vmoda or modmic)

  • Compatible with PS4, preferably without AMP

  • $300 budget

What should I get?

Note: I really want Beyer-Dynamic headphones because of the look and feel, if possible, tell me what BD headphones meet my requirements

Not really got a suggestion but I have the Hyper X Revolver S and I use them without the really bad usb thing they came with and plug into my Audio interface. Used to plug into my Stero amp and that sounded good haha. But they are really good for what they are tbh one of my fav “gaming headsets” As for your thing with mic. Get ursen an audio interface and a mic. I have a Behringer ultravoice xm8500 that works wonders and for the price you cant go wrong sounds amazing, basically a shure sm58 imo. And then get a cheap ish Audio interface. I got a Behringer umc404hd thats works amazing but they have cheaper ones at £30,50 that are the same just less ports that would work well. :smiley: hope it helps.

Thanks a lot! Are there any Beyer-Dynamic recommendations you can do? I don’t know why, but they look so nice to me haha.

For example, are the BD MMX300 gen 2 ready to use on ps4 without amp?

No sorry I was talking hardware there not Headphones, I also need to get some nice ones. To use on PS4 without an amp they are gonna have to be really weak to plug into a ps4 remote.
Unless you do this, didnt know it was possible but aparently so.

If you get an AMP that has Optical (TOSLINK) it will work in your PS4 then get plug the headset into amp and away u go :smiley: As for a MIC im not too sure what u could use, im sure one of those clip on ones would work? :smiley:

What do you mean by weak? I’m new to this haha

Thanks for your help! So, it seems like I need an AMP for my PS4 in order to use BD headphones, right? Do you have any experiences with BD headphones? Are they any good?

Nope sorry no experience but im pretty sure they are going to need an amp, especially to sound good. I would recommend one any proper headphone deserves one haha.

Weak as is like low ohm and low power proper headphones can take and need alot of power depending on what they are, I would recommend an AMP then u can pretty much get what ever headset u desire if its good :smiley:

Would the £300 budget be headphones, amp and MIC?

Ah like that! I saw 80 ohm headphones the other day. Are these considered weak? And does that mean I can use them on my PS4 controller?

Also, what AMP would you recommend? Don’t want to spend too much ($100 max), but ofcourse I want a decent one

I think I still got an Astro MixAmp Pro, could I use it with stronger headphones like BD’s?

Yeah they are not weak hahaha u will need an amp most likely Let me have a look at a good amp for u.

That leaves £100 and a bit for a mic and anything else u need

One last thing: are the ASTRO MixAmps any good? I think I still got one

No clue shrug

They are ok. It will drive beyers. Get the dt880 600 ohm if you go Beyer. The 600 ohm variants sound the best and the 990 sub bass can get in the way for fps games.

Edit: it won’t drive them Barry loud though.

I think he wants closed back.

Yes, I’d prefer closed back! What would you guys recommend for gaming and casual use?