PSA: Topping L30 Damaging Headphones

Chi fi is absolutely not stuff designed and regulated by actual competent companies in the west and made in china for the cheap labor. chi fi to me is smsl and topping and things designed by chinese designers that cut safety corners to scam people through ASR for measurements. You could say that if you want but then there needs to be a different word for chinese designed products not just made.

i got banned immediately when i pointed out the only review of amir that doesnt have anything about where and how he got the amp is for the l30 and he refused to put a warning on the review even now to my knowledge. he is a scam and this shows it. you cant question chinese authority or brands in that forum you will be called racist and banned instantly just for saying “chinese brands are showing their colors” as if they didnt shit all over schiit products daily calling them american made trash. its braindead how smart they think they are over there. they love to hate this forum as well. like actually hate for no reason other than people like things they dont due to measurements.

It’s a mutual hatred here we kinda dislike them over there cause they don’t use their ears enough. A majority of them don’t seem to trust their ears to determinewhether something sounds good or not and are willing to think something isn’t good just cause it measured worse than another product

very true not to get off topic so yes the response to the l30 and ASR being linked by that topping employee in this thread is very suspect and should be a warning to everyone .

I’m just kinda sadenned to see how topping is doing as of recent as a proud owner of a couple of their older products. And someone who has reccomended this very amp to one of my friends shit like this is what sets the budget market back


Isn’t Monolithic/Monoprice Chinese? I thought it is. I know Dr. C is an American. Either way, I don’t have an issue with the country of origin of a product. All I care about is the quality (both audio and build).

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Yeah the trashing of Schiit over there pissed me off. I’m not a fanboi (though I own some of their products) it’s just that their definition of good vs bad is idiotic. I’m an engineer and I like measurements but the measurements they base their opinions on are sorely lacking.


Monoprice is an American company. They were made popular due to their excellent customer service and fairly high quality cheap av gear like RCA cables which are generic rebranded chinese made products. The monolith line is their own products made in japan and seemingly designed by them whether American or chinese. Both drop and monoprice are both known to manufacture Cavelli designs. Chifi is generally chinese made, designed , and manufactured products. If we were to go chinese made products are Chi Fi. The. All our iPods, many Sony DAPs, lots of our Sennheiser headphones a majority of new akg headphones , most Sony and Samsung made audio gear are all chi fi

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Huh. I had no idea :man_shrugging:

:smiley: They are all Chifi. :smiley:
Just accept it. lol i only have a portable FIIO amp… maybe SHP9500 to? Don’t actually know where they made?
E: China! :rofl:

The good stuff are not, that’s important. Lol. :sunglasses: :heart_eyes: Cause reasons.

Jokes aside. Did Z do vid already?

Got a L30/E30 stack here from November with serial numbers beginning with 2010*/2009* respectively. I can’t seem to find a compiled list of “at risk” serial numbers. Have unplugged it just to be sure for now. Are there any reports of the 2010* being at risk?

Going to need another amp now, shame as I was really happy with that stack.

My understanding is that the developer has asked for 1-2 more days.
Amir has reprimanded his measurement after he was criticised a bit.
And the sale of the L30 is still going on, neither is there an official statement on how to deal with the L30 at the moment.

Which is irresponsible in my opinion, because people have reported that if they hadn’t known beforehand that their L30 might be defective, they would have put on their headphones. Ironically, just when they read about it, it went bang.

The only thing you can do now is not to use the L30.
And possibly return the L30.
The developer is also unwilling to comment properly or issue a warning or statement.
So he shouldn’t be surprised in a few weeks.
It’s sad, but what can you do?

Thanks for the reply man, appreciated. Like I said I’ve already disconnected it all, just going to have to go direct to the computer for now I suppose.

Already begun the returning procedure. Thank god I chose today to procrastinate!

Time to go down the rabbit hole on amps again…

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Yes, it’s the most sensible thing you can do.
As a manufacturer, you should at least know approximately which batch of production could be affected.
Obviously, Topping has problems with this, as he can’t even mention a possible batch.

From his guess he says November production, but as a consumer I have no way of knowing what Topping produced in November.
He doesn’t mention a production number either, and a statement would be a quick and easy way to clarify the state of affairs and then it would be clear what’s going on and there would be no more wild speculation.

But if you don’t want to listen, you have to suffer.

Could we keep this at “Innocent until proven guilty”? That would bre great.



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Enough proof in my books to sharpen pitchforks.

How open are we to forgiving them if they just did a recall and paid for me headphones for the guys with reported headphones break?

I liked this one
“EDIT: Shit goes even deeper! Looking at the brands under Aoshida is not only Topping and SMSL, but also Aune, Xduoo, Yaqin, Shanling, Quloos (which translates poorly in Spanish), HxMelody, Dilvpoetry, Muzishare, and Jiuyi, among other fronts for IEMs.”

Still this!! lol