Questionable Lyrics

you guys ever listen to a lyric on a song and make you pause rewind just to check if you heard that right?
this one gets me every time

“But I treat her like a daughter, taught her how to bust a nut”

or the absolute classic
“You look so good huh, I suck on your daddy’s dick (yeah)”

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Debra by Beck cracks me up:

I want to get with you, only you. And your sister. I think her name’s Debra?


Debra is a great song, probably my favourite Beck song actually :slight_smile:

AC/DC - big balls, not really questionable as the theme is pretty up in open…


That’s not a double entendre. It’s a single entendre


“If you squeeze my lizard, I’ll put a snake on you”. Damn, Lemmy. Haha


Also, this is over the top, hahaha.

I can’t pick just one Frank Zappa song, so here’s three with my favorite line from each. All very ‘subtle’:

I Have Been in You: “Ah little girl there ain’t no time to wash your stinky hand, go ahead and roll over I’m going in you again”

Dinah-Moe Humm: “I whipped off her bloomers and stiffened my thumb and applied rotation on her sugar plum”:

Baby Take Your Teeth Out-kind of self-explanatory, but I guess “Boiling water kills germs, don’t it?” if I had to pick:

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Haha. Very subtle, Frank.

all the other kids with the pumped up kicks better better run…

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Also, ABBA. “All that she wants is another baby, she’s gone tomorrow”.

Like, all that she wants is a one night, or worse, she wants to have sex and get pregnant and never tell the guy? Lol…

Wasn’t that Ace of Base?
I think it’s more of a one night stand song, baby being used as “lover”.

Oops. Yup. Ace of Base. Obviously “baby” can be used as “lover”, but I also already misheard it as “all that she wants is a little baby”, and that didn’t help either, lol.

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Hahahaha damn :sweat_smile:

"It’s just a sign of the times. Going forward, in reverse.
Still, he who laugh last is just a hand in the bush."

Oh, also:

I’m sick and tired of bein’ sick and tired
I used to go to bed so high and wired, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah
I think I’ll buy myself some plastic water
I guess I should have married Lennon’s daughter, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah

What the hell :sweat_smile:

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Well, Ozzy is rarely in his right mind. Lol

Edit: just realized I commented on a.month old post. It still stands. Ozzy has spent most of his days out of his mind, bless his satanic heart.


I hate that I can’t tell
When a girl’s underage
And how when I tell her she’s a nice piece of ass
Then her daddy punches me in the face