Quicksilver Headphone Amp

Note: Original post removed, condensed everything into here in a more readable format along with more information about pairing and comparisons, check link below


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Just had to take a peak :thinking: :sob: :rofl:



It’s like walking into a gourmet candy shop in here.

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Great write up @M0N, I really like the form factor and aesthetics of this amp a lot, def better than the Feliks stuff. Some interesting comparisons, looks like a good match for my Hemps

hey if you wanna borrow the Hemp so you can try it, we can make that happen, would be curious your thoughts

Nah I won’t inconvenience you with that but I do appreciate the offer, sometime soon I can try to either source a pair for myself or borrow a semi local friends grado collection to try on here

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For some unexplainable reason I was dead set on starting off with trying this (only balanced so I had to convert to se) dac

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ya that would be dope to try a whole range of them at once, Im still trying to land on a tube amp and dac, this def narrowed it down even more.

I absolutely LOVE that you have the ability on hand to experiment and try many various combinations, it brings great insight into the different synergies possible w/ equipment. I hope you find more time to put down your thoughts on any other combinations you have tried, I love reading about them and learning so much that would otherwise be impossible without such products in hand.


This is totally a very compelling option for the money so far if you are looking in this price range, really great overall

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ya im a planner and with all the options its kind of overwhelming, i was like Bottlehead Crack for my 600 series, Neve/Feliks for my Clears, and a Tuba for my Grado’s, still so new with Tube headphone amps, like reading about them, just afraid to jump in blind. More of this though please, your write ups help a lot.

I can, but the problem is I really don’t know if it would be all that valuable to do that with what I have on hand. At the moment I’m finding that I don’t really have more appropriate dac pairings since basically the mass majority of the dacs I have are way to overkill for an amp like this, only I have a few more reasonable dacs like the previously mentioned 2541 and bifrost and was wishing I had something comparable or slightly higher range to try as it would be something someone actually might pair with it. Somewhat have been slimming down lately so I no longer have these more mid-range to entry level higher end products on me anymore


I agree w/ all you say BUT, it is fun to hear your opinions on the mismatches (due to price point etc.) too at times.

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a club, community, what have you, where it take a certain amount of “donations” to join but when you join, you can check out other items in the library.

This would have to run as a non profit and of course have financial safeguards built in, like a CC on file. But it’s these kinds of situations where I think a community would thrive.

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So admittedly out of what I’ve tried dac wise, I haven’t found any real major mismatches honestly, for most of the higher end dacs I did have some I liked more than others on here, but even the ones I didn’t prefer still sounded damn solid, I don’t think the amp is capable enough to really run into some of the synergy walls you can with the dacs I have at my desk imo

I guess a mismatch I tried was the Donald dac, but that’s not too fair since that’s more just bottlenecking the amp than it has to do with synergy

For another higher end dac, the golden gate 2 discrete is a fantastic pairing with the quicksilver, super grand presentation overall and super holographic and encompassing stage imo, very macrodynamic without losing small nuance, resolution for days that’s a bit forward but never offensively so, timbre is sweeter than normal in a good way, and it’s somehow really light on its feet while doing all this. I have a feeling something like an amber 3 would be a really worthwhile pairing for this and is in the realm of reasonableness

It would, but that’s a lotta risk and a lotta pita lol, but also lots of benefits

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lol I know, just thinking out loud. One can dream though.

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I am simply looking forward to the day we can host MEETS again. Happy to overnight and drive across a few states to spend time w/ many of you fine gentelmen in an atmosphere where we can share our love of the hobby, a beer and some good eats!


Also really itching to go to some shows when they start back up, those are always fun


Has anyone put up the disclaimer yet that “this is not a review” :cowboy_hat_face:

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