Rap, Hip Hop, R and B thread

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A lot of awesome stuff in this thread, but I gotta contribute some classic houston hard hitters.


Houston had some BANGERS back in 05’. They were playing non-stop on MTV 2 back in the days (simpler times).

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Please let me know what you think of drill, the new subgenre in hip hop made popular by Bobby Shmurda and then Pop Smoke

It sounds very generic to me. The same tired old quantized drum patterns, autotune to make up for lack of singing talent, 808s and bland materialistic lyrics with very basic rhymes. How does this subgenre even differ from trap other than a slower bpm? :thinking:

When I think of drill I think more in line with people like chief keef, lil herb, king louie, fredo santana, and more in the very early 2010s stuff, things somewhat died off fairly quick after that. While pop smoke is something that could be considered drill, I think it’s personally too generic and poppy now, somewhat missing the same energy of the past. I don’t really have an opinion on Shmurda

Chief keef:

Lil Herb:

(actually a remix of Bobby’s track that I personally think is better executed)

King Louie:

And so on

Others I didn’t mention:

But personally I think the peak of this genre is early 2010s, although I still like what lil durk is doing in keeping things moving forward somewhat while capturing a bit of what was had in the past. I personally don’t like the trend of things getting insanely watered down to be appealing to the pop audience, things just get too samey and you just lose the main audience of the genre in the process. At least speaking for myself here lol


Doesn’t seem like it’s too new to be honest lol. But hip hop is still kinda young as a genre anyway… will say my thing with drill is US does it pretty bad it sounds rather generic as previously stated. The influence on grime rap though results in a much better sound with UK drill and enjoy the sound of UK drill much more. My issues with drill come from the lack of creativity in rhymes as kinda a staple of the genre. Lacks a lot of what I appreciate from rap itself. Which are double entendres, metaphors similes and general poetry associated with hip hop. It feels like the lazy little brother of gangster rap from the 90’s.

Also I think the song you posted isn’t a great song to represent what drill is about. Drill is about the realities of street and gang violence. Born out of the violence seen everyday in Chicago as it’s a historically Chicago born sub genre. While this song may have some drill staples especially the trap influence not really repping the genre as it lacks too many drill staples being a bit more of a song bragging about how he literally fucks women and apparently fucks them well.

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I see, fair enough. Let me get more acquainted with the history.

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Completely agree with this point. I remember being in high school when Chief Keef and G Herbo started popping off and thinking like “damn these kids are like 15 or 16 and talking about some of the hardest shit I’ve heard in rap”. Obviously not the only things that were popular, but I remember specifically A$AP and Wiz Khalifa were REALLY taking off at this point pop rap wise, and seeing teenagers rap about legit gang shit was just a wild shift. Especially seeing it become so popular.

that UK grime was pretty good, do you know any good grime artist?

rap isn’t even my favorite genre and I love all of his music

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J Cole is just on another level… :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:

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this is one of the coolest remixes of 808s ever

:owl: :owl: :owl: :owl:

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It’s feeling good to be alive, and yeah it’s great to be speaking
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Don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t be a bag of nerves
Face your fears, and your demons, do some shadow work
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Make sure you follow the signs though, that’s the way to go
Keep an open mind, do some actual research
We need to help each other, because there’s no I in teamwork
Think for yourself and you will see, open your mind and listen
This world is like a movie scene, we live in an open prison

We all want to be truly free, but this is the hand that we were dealt, just be the best that you can be, the greatest version of yourself