🔶 Raptgo Hook-X

This is the official thread for the RAPTGO HOOK-X

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • Type: In Ear
  • Amp needed: No But Better With
  • Driver Type: Planar

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Z Reviews…

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Just started breaking mine in, but these things are kinda nuts. They sound pretty wide for IEMs, and the bass has an odd visceral quality to it, they kinda hit like a DD.


That’s exactly what I would love to hear…I’ll wait a few months further into the planar wars, when these are discounted or available second hand.

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If these are any indication, things are going to get interesting in the coming months/years. I can definitely say that the graph is not showing everything these are doing.


@Ohmboy could this be made into an official thread? :pray:

If somebody can give some soundstage comparison with Fiio FD5?

Will do when I get back from work :+1:


Antdroid’s take…


Agreed. These were two of the first things I’ve noticed. It’s really got a great appeal to it. I know the planar war is just ramping up but, I feel confident these will still stand on the front line at least through 2022. They definitely are pushing my Timeless to the side.

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Just submitted my review but it will be a while for non-patreon readers to see it given the publication backlog sadly. Needless to say i’s a positive one, there’s a lot of novelty here that is also well-executed.


Given that some outlets have it listed for “Pre-order”, that delay may be a good thing lol.

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Update from Linsoul this morning…


Yup, got the same email. Kinda sucks.

So, they won’t start production until end of April. Who knows how long it will take before they finish a batch. Probably won’t begin to ship until mid May. Expected arrival at beginning of June.

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Got my set

They are incredible soundstage and space between instruments slaughters the FiiO Fd5 they don’t sound like any Planar I own P1, Timeless, Gold Planar GL12, IMR PB1. One of the most musical sets I own


Yeah bummer I ordered April 8th, I have the Timeless and S 12 just wanted to be able to compare all three.


My Mjolnir MK2 is shipping today :metal: it’ll hold me until the Hook gets here.


Normalized at 500 Hz:

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Does the resolving power compare to the timeless? The upper mids look great on the graph on these and if the resolution is anything like the Timeless, it could very well be the replacement set for me. The semi open nature of these is very interesting, too. Could be fantastic for FPS gaming.

Been 2 long since I have been real active . Revels always were quality Focal is another Paradigm mayb