Razer Opus wireless

Dynamic pandas for half the price?


Highly doubt that Razer can make a headphone that doesn’t sound like shit, but its 2020 anything is possible xD

Oh I see THX is involved as in they tuned the sound, so maybe its good :thinking:


Year i mean to it can be a Panda from the construction.
I am sure is the same driver.
Because the production cost from the Panda alone is not enough to sell alone as Panda.
I think with Razer it goes in colaboration.

It’s not the same driver as the Panda.

This is

Drivers: 2 x 40mm dynamic drivers
Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Panda is

Frequency response: 10–50,000 Hz
Driver unit: 55mm, ribbon planar magnetic

It’s also only tested/tuned with help from THX, it doesn’t have AAA amplification. It still might turn out decent, the design is understated and it does have active noise cancellation unlike the Panda… but it’s not the same thing at all.

Razor owns thx now, they purchased the company last year.

They definitely use a different driver, hence my dynamic start :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. I guess there’s a chance they’re using AAA amplification but not saying that due to marketing agreements with Drop? I still wouldn’t count on it.

They definitely use a different driver, hence my dynamic start

Yeah I was mostly replying to @Deleeh with that.

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More the fact it has thx tech in it. Might be decent. I am thinking about trying it out.

Edit: might not need the extra amplification with smaller dynamic drivers.

Something I have definitely noticed, is companies like to put a gaming tax on those headphones. I have never experienced a good quality sounding gaming headphone.
I grab a good headphone and look at detachable mics

They are labeling this one every day, not gaming.

It’s thx certified, so no thx tech most likely

Which could mean someone who knows audio had their hands on it, instead of just the “RGB all the things”-guys.

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Samsung also bought Harmon, who already owned AKG. Doesnt make the (Quote{my key is spiratic as to if it wants to work or not})AKG(end quote) Samsung earbuds they throw in with some of their phones magically better.

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Something tells me they would be all over slapping that on their marketing if they where.


Knowing the Logitech thx speakers I highly doubt it.

But those are from when creative owned THX.

I doubt it has much thx tech in the headphones, but the fact they are thx rated gives me hope they tried to tune them decently at least. The few reviews out so far rate they as solid purchase. Though I read one review that said the ANC is not the greatest, but not bad either.

Just could be a surprise like the tygr’s. Never know till one of us gets :slightly_smiling_face:

My error.

In that regard, one of the main things that will matter is how important wireless is for you.

That extra you pay for wireless, might get you a better sounding wired.

All just depends
(I have personally only tried their gaming lines)

No worries. I don’t own any wireless atm, might try them out.