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  • RCA in and pre out, 1/4 inch headphone out
  • 1 wpc @ 32 ohms
  • 3 gain modes, switch for headphone out or pre out, class A, 0.1 ohm output impedance

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Z Reviews

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RebelAmp - class A headphone amplifier & preamp 500$

Just saw this in a Zeos video. anyone heard it?

Should I just make this an official thread?

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dont know, what if it sucks?

it looks pretty decent, but there is a chance it’s not good so I guess I will wait for some feedback

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I’m assuming Zeos will review it relatively soon, so you might as well make it official.

Why does it look exactly like A schiit product

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LOL, it does. It looks like a leprechaun puked on an Asgard.


in the helios review vid he said it was 98% the QES HPBA reference amp. looks very good!


We will see lol

Very reasonable layout, heatsinks on components that may need it, done in FOSS programms (KiCad and FreeCAD)
The closest the left and right channel get is in the transformer and in the headphone jack. It is two amplifiers who happen to share an apartment.

PCB layout:

Biggest gripe from looking at it:
WHY is the headphone jack not in the center of the two output stages?
WHY bannish it to the bottom to accompany the volume poti?


is that a really bad thing?

From a pourist “everything needs to be :100:%”-perspective and extreme OCD cases, it is bad.

For normal people and engineers, it is perfectly fine to be where it is.


Guess that’s why I don’t see the problem

Made in Europe but no option for an EU plug… Sigh

The RebelAmp?


If you click on it its sold out.

Just get any 230V version, cable is not fixed to the device. :man_shrugging: