Reccomended headphones for me?

after figuring out that my M50s weren’t really the best choice for audiophile listening, i decided to finally go and upgrade to a more audiophile capable headphone, i heard i really like a warm or mid heavy sound as well as something V shaped, i made a spotify playlist of songs i’d usually listen to and what id normally like

also note i will be using these as daily drivers so they need to be durable enough for listening on them daily for hours, and be versatile for things from video games to youtube videos. I also prefer not a lot of sound leak (lack of isolation is fine though) because i live with family and i dont want them hearing me from 10 feet away even with walls or a door, open back headphones are fine though just am nervous about how bad the leakage is

my budget is under 300-400 dollars

(been thinking about audioquest nighthawks or beyerdynamic DT 770s but i want to know what would probably be the best)

do you have an amp? alspo where are you located and what sites will you be buying form?

the night hawks are really cool but somewhat devisive. and the dt 770 are really good if you have an amp already

im planning on buying a fiio Q1 or audioquest dragonfly portable amp/dac for my laptop… and my record player will already have a liquid spark headphone amp

I would go with the q1 mk 2 out of those 2. but either way is a good direction. others to consider are the HD 58x for a home warm mid heavy set both the 770 and the 58x should land within budget


hmm… can work… the one thing im still worried about though is if the sound leak will bother my parents with my music too much… again im only about 10 feet or so away… there is a decent amount of wall but still

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I own both, and i definetly prefer the 58x by a longslide. And honestly the 58x leak so little sound that i wouldnt’ worry. I went to get a haircut today, and wore my 58x as i waited and i tested the volume to see how it would sound to the people around and it wasn’t bad. Obviously if someone sat right next to me it might be an issue but these don’t leak much

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I basically use mine as closebacks lol, just take them shopping etc, it’s not an issue

I personally could never think of taking a headphone anywhere where hair is cut lol. Too high of chance to get loose hair on the headphone or the driver imo


i’ll still wait about a month or so for buying the headphones and stuff… but if i do get the 58x (i mean maybe if the leak isn’t bad enough that some walls and a door wont make people hear it), should i buy some of the other pads they offer optionally

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I was advised by the folks here not to… stock pads are :ok_hand:

Lol don’t get me wrong, I thought about that too. But it stayed in the waiting room. Nowhere near the hair cutting room, and since the owners are Mexican they keep it real clean lol

And btw I covered the entire side with cloth. Since taking it outside in general I worried about dust getting into the driver

Now I just need to figure out if my family is ready for me to wear open backs and hear my more weird stuff

DT 770, I wouldn’t bother getting any version besides the 250 ohm, the other ones they sound inaccurate. They are closed well so no disturbance of other people.
The 58x is going to be nice warm headphone with good detail and bass extension.
And the Nighthawk Carbon is kind of in between both of them for sound, much wider though. They leak a little less than the 58x, semi-open back as opposed to completely open back.
So if you need closed back, DT 770 250 ohm would be good.
If you want that warm bassy sound with nice detail, and it doesn’t matter about bothering other people, 58x.
If you want something very different and in between, Nighthawk Carbon.
There are lots of reviews on them. There’s a good review where a guy compares a Sennheiser set that is fairly close to the 58x and tells the differences between them and the Nighthawk Carbon.
And there are also some good reviews about the DT 770 250 ohm.

but some say the dt 770s sound too similar to the M50s… i dont mind their sound but its more just that i like a pretty sound that fits my music and i dont find the bass as euphoric or anything on these… maybe if i had a good proof that open backs dont leak to the point of being basically speakers i’d be fine

I don’t know of many that would say that here lol

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Think of the 58x for example as a phone speaker at pretty low volume, it is audible but not really that loud. People will hear what you are listening to at lower volumes

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i misread them… they said

“The DT770 will sound closer to what you have now with the M50x”

and that the mid range is VERY sucked out

I personally don’t agree with that, but to each their own I guess lol. The midrange is in fact more sucked out than your m50x though

its mostly more stress about finding basically the “perfect pasta sauce” if anyone saw a certain old jim sterling video… something that will work for every single situation based on the sounds i like and then only using that besides maybe some IEMs and stay with them to save money… maybe i just need 2 headphones i dunno