Received The New Geshelli Archel 2 AMP for review

Is there a reason the Atom not in that list?

Can’t wait to receive my Archel 2.5 :grin:

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I don’t have an Atom near me right now. I’ll have sent the review unit back before I have the atom. I want to compare to what I have in hand. Atom is a great amp too.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be ordering one myself very soon. Geshelli are awesome and I want to show some love. I think the 2.5 will be just about perfect for most people.

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Yeah i really dont need it, but i love the look, and i enjoy supporting USA companies so as soon as i saw it it was a no brainer for me

Topping A50 is out too, by the way…
We’re spoilt for choice apparently! :smile:

It looks a lot better in person. Especially the flat black with the smoked Plexi… I found the scheme I’m ordering

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not a bad looking stack…


and they have word that a D90 is coming soon. anyone know about a matching A90 amp?

Topping is so bad about their website…A50 is out, but nothing on their site. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is pretty! I’d love to review them for the website if they send them.

Lol, I mean… give them some time, they just released the A50 :sweat_smile:

well…they like having stacks, so it’s a legit question, eh?

say what you will about topping they make some really pretty shit

Is that a compliment or an insult lol

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It’s a compliment I love topping’s designs but sometimes they do have a miss

lets hope the amp measure out well like the D50s DAC did.

Well, talking about inexpensive DAC/amps, I open youtube and I see this… looks like Oluv (aka clavinetjunkie) finally upgraded his little topping dx3, lol!

Watching now!

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I think that’s the video where he essentially says they are crap and an iPhone is better lol

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Dang! :sweat_smile:

Oh wow, there’s a really interesting comparison/contest to win this stuff. There are four 88khz FLAC files to download under the video, and the goal is to guess which amp is which between an iPhone, a Bluetooth module, a DAC/AMP and a THX Amp. That’s really interesting!

My guess:
A is the Radsone ES100 Bluetooth module (compressed – you can’t even hear half of the cymbals!)
B is the Topping DX7 Pro (second best, bass is a just bit muddy)
C is the SU-8/SP200 combo (the best, speed and clarity everywhere)
D is the iPhone (the worst – muddiness everywhere)

And someone already guessed the same, so it’s the first one, not me, who’ll win the Topping DX3, if this is right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Bass is just a bit muddy, he says, comparing all this with his Denon AVR with muddy, boosted bass. Lol.

E. He’s edited the audio so the iPhone sounds the best lol

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