Smsl SP200 THX AAA 888

Yeah I pressed the dispute button. The site was linked from this forum so I assumed it was cool, but two weeks with no notice and no response anywhere is not something I care to deal with.

Hi, need help.

I have HD6xx and may get Argons or some other planers in the future. Wanted to seek opinion if I shall go SP200 or Xduoo xd05+. I won’t use the headphones for portable use outside home but mobility within the house is also good :), Which I believe I will get with SP200 also due to its small size.

Source will be phone (for music) or Apple TV (for Netflix movies etc) as I don’t use laptop.


Hmm, well I think the sp200 would be the higher quality amp and would work better with the argons, but it does not include a dac so you would also want to get a dac as well

Thanks MON!

I have been indecisive about buying an amp for a long time. Bought the Drop 789 then cancelled after it was supposed to ship 6 months later. Then was looking at Atom and Spark but could not make up my mind as they will be stuck to a power supply. Then came SP200, which I appreciate is even an upper class of THX implementation at 888. So, I am kind of between these two (XD-05+) and not even comparing with any other battery powered amp (or dac/amp). For comfort, I would probably prefer a high power amp with battery and getting 1W per channel brought me to think about xd -05+. Do you think Argons would be underpowered by it? There is a high current function also in xd-05+ as I saw in the zreviews video. Is that not able to power the Argons correctly with nice headroom OR shall I just got with SP200?

So, the xd05+ is powerful and can power the argon’s, but it’s not as clean and refined as the sp200 which my yield more fidelity. But there is the added cost of the dac. I think that if you want the best sound quality, the sp200 is for you, and if you want a portable all in one the xd05+ is for you

Yikers, looks like oluv’s lost his mind.

Claiming it sounds worse than onboard on his iphone. I personally love this amp.

It seems that he thinks most amps don’t sound better than his iPhone lol


:crazy_face: Yes the iphone is definitely a quality source :wink:

I would be curious to see what he thinks of the LG v30’s amp. Would it best the iPhone, a near impossible task?

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Also TBH it’s almost like his account got hacked with his comments lol

I honestly remember him having a similar set of arguments and comments when some Z fans went to his channel a while back.

It’s just surprising to me that he doesn’t hear the differences, as they are pretty clear lol. Like most people not in audio could tell the difference imo. It’s not like he’s comparing the 789 vs the 887 or something actually more minute, it’s a frickin quality amp and dac vs an iphone. I would really be amazed if he didn’t hear the difference. He could hear it but claim otherwise for some reason

If not, he’s an idiot.

I mean I’m not going to call someone an idiot, but I do dislike how he is kinda misleading his viewers tbh

If someone is going to rank an iphone above the LG V30 for sound, they are an idiot.

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They literally ranked the iphone better then the d70 or the sp200. I dunno what to believe anymore. I have lost faith in humanity. :rofl:

I mean the apple products had pretty decent headphone outs to be somewhat fair compared to other phones

Also I have always subscribed to the idea of judging people, but not being judgemental. I’m not going to knock someone else because of their opinion as long as they say it’s their opinion and they aren’t trying to pass it off as fact it’s their opinion (I’m just going to respectfully disagree and move on). But I also don’t like when people try to mislead others when they are not in good faith

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sounds like someone got paid

By who lol? It’s just hard to find a motive for taking a payment to say that an iPhone is better than a proper amp. It’s not like apple would do that since they don’t support the headphone jack anymore lol

I think he is a bit of a troll. I can’t believe he means some of the things he says, or at least he exaggerates some of what he says. In any case, I disagree with him pretty much on most everything, and rather than getting mad at him all the time, I stopped subbing to his channel. There are a good amount of channels I can actually learn something from