Smsl SP200 THX AAA 888

SMSL version of a THX Amp. 4th entree into the THX tech infused amps! 289.99$


I’m really excited about this. A full sized THX amp for 290$ from one of my favorite audio companies. I really love companies like SMSL, Monoprice, Massdrop. Companies on the edge of audio tech and offering it for great prices.

Has anyone heard this amp? How does it compare to Drops 789 or Monoprice 788?


I haven’t heard it yet, but honestly it’s probably an excellent choice for most people. It doesn’t have the power output of the thx desktop or 789 or 887, but it should be able to reasonably drive most headphones


any info on release date?

Already released, I think it was discussed in the monoprice product thread

There are alot of listings on ebay but I won’t link them because I don’t know which ones are legit or not

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then why isn’t this listed on SMSL’s website?

That looks worthwhile. I like the form factor too. It’s too bad its not being sold for $40 on eBay by the gem stone dude.

I’m looking at one being sold by Shenzhenaudio. I’m just debating whether to wait for the 5-25% off sale in November or even the November 11 “Chinese black friday” equivalent that BGGAR always mentions.

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Those sales do work, so perhaps wait for those if you want better value

Also let’s not have a repeat of the 40 dollar darkvoice

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IDK, they could have not updated it in a while. Typically brands like this don’t really use a website much

interesting that the balanced and single ended are the same price.

What model are you talking about?

nice :white_check_mark:

I take it back…the XLR is balanced and the 6.5 appears to be SE.

that said…is it actually warped like that cause it’s a huge turnoff for me. <_<

It’s inside what counts lol. But I am not in love with the design either lol, but I wouldn’t have any issue using it

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sorry…my OCD will not permit this.

I’d have to create a custom enclosure that fit it properly.

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I will be buying this for sure!


only THX that would work for me is the Drop 789…I need mai pre-outs!


I’m curious if SMSL will have a DAC that will eventually come out intended to shack up next to it nicely.

What happened to the $40 darkvoice?