Topping A50 now available on eBay

I was searching for something else and I saw this.

Possible op-amp rolling
Claimed 2.2 watts
Claimed 123dB SNR

1/4 inch + 3.5mm + 2.5mm balanced out.
Non-balanced: 1.1w @ 32 ohms / 160mw @ 300 ohms.
Balanced: 2.2w @ 64 ohms / 640mw @ 300 ohms.

You can found topping A50 on hifigo, shenzhenaduio, apos and aliexpress now

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Yup, it’s everywhere now… finally. :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad, I already bought a JDS Labs Atom last month.

Waiting for Amir/ASR’s measurements now, heh.

Now on massdrop

Can some one tell me why 2.5mm is balanced while 3.5 isn’t , also why the need for 2.5mm ?

There can be 3.5 mm balanced (as used on ifi products and other stuff too), but 3.5 mm trs is not balanced because it uses a shared ground. 2.5mm trrs is balanced because there are separate grounds for each channel. 2.5mm is used so people don’t go plugging an unbalanced connector in there and causing damage to the headphones or the amp