Recommendation For good closed headphones that is also suited for gaming

My setup atm is a Aune x1s dac/amp and a pair for sennheiser hd 660s. I am extremely happy with this setup but since they are open back its hard to get into a good mood when there is alot of noise around me. I use these headphones for everything atm but feel like I need a pair of closed back ones when its too loud in the house to enjoy the hd 660s. I am looking for a good paird of closed back that I can enjoy music in and play games with for a long period of time. my budget ends around 500 usd.

Thank you for any comments

Alot of people seem to enjoy the NDH20s, but there also seems to be large comfort issues with them as well. The DT1770 might be what you are looking for, as they are also fairly competent for gaming. The MH751 is well below your budget, but sounds great for the price, and is super comfortable

Thank you very much for the recommendations. I will look at them and see whats avaiable in my country. by the looks of it I think I will go with the DT 1770

I would wait a bit before committing to anything and see if someone else has any recommendations for you, since you don’t want to base your decision off of one person’s opinion

As I scanned the posts my eyes read this as “Recommend Food for closed headphones suited to gaming.”. Ha!!

I use a DT770 with a modmike. That is well under your budget. As said, 1770s would be even better.

I use 770s and like them for what they are top comfort, well isolating, good build, nice soundstage and fun subbase with natural timbre in the mids and sparkling Beyer-Highs :slight_smile: … quite fast transients for this budget

tried 1770s a few times, because I love my 1990s with the analytical pads - the 1770s are not my cup of tee so I joined the Drop for the 177x Go - hope for better soundtuning on the 177x Go, with balanced 4PIN XLR and 32 Ohm instead of 250 - wish they have stayed with 250 Ohm

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I didn’t recommend the 177x go because of the fact that if someone doesn’t like it, its alot more hassle to return it, if massdrop even accepts the return.

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you are right and I live in germany - so if they don´t fit my needs, I have to sell them

but I have tried so many closed backs(Adam Audio SP5, Ultrasone DXP, Mr Speakers AEON Flow closed, of course 1770s… only to name a few) and save up for the Focal Elegia until the end of this year, beeing my “endgame” closed back

Love my elegia, neutral enough to be used as studio reference, and enjoyable enough to use in the office. Also isolates alot more than you think. Actually even prefer them over my ether c flows at this point for casual listening, although I find the ethers more comfy. And I won’t wear my final Sonorous VI outside my house so the elegia automatically win that lol.

Edit: wish there were more high end closed backs that I liked.

for comfort there is nothing like Mr Speakers Ethers C Flows - love his work but it´s another league in budget - I can´t make my wife say ok to this while I have other hobbies(mostly photography) eating up much more every year while earning bit money out of it also

Hey but your making money off of a hobby. That’s a step up from most lol

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The sonourus is another great example for a nice while not perfect closed back I reached out but only could try over Amazon- we have a few very well sorted dealers in munich where I live. But none had it to try with own source.

Yeah, I didn’t like the higher end finals, and I really disliked the hd820. I have a tr-x00 ph that I had my friend swap with th900 drivers (they sound pretty close now, and more enjoyable than stock th900mk2s imo) but that’s not a true closed back tbh. I actually enjoy my nighthawks because of their unique sound, but I wouldn’t group them with higher end stuff. And my other closed backs are fairly low tier

Edit: I used to also have a ATH-W5000, campfire Cascade, SRH1540, mdr-z7, and a AH-D7000, but I eventually sold those off

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yes semi open but what is with Argons III? - have you tried them in comparison with the nighthawks?
maybe they are interesting for nudal - but I think he has to upgrade his amp, because the X1s is not as powerful as argons would need

I like my argon mk3s. Actually kinda different from the nighthawks. I will say I prefer the comfort of the nighthawks over my argons, but they both present sound in different ways, so I wouldn’t make a statement that one is better than the other. Both the argon’s and the nighthawks are very fun and enjoyable, and could both run off of an aune x1s, but to fully take advantage of the argon’s you would want a little more power.

I actually wouldn’t want to recommend the argon’s only because the wait was excruciating for me since I’m pretty impatient. Gaming wise thought, I wouldn’t recommend the argons or the Nighthawks for competitive gaming, but for casual I like the argons a bit more because of the wideness and more low end

yeah not only the wait(hate the waiting for my 177x Go and may drop of 789 AAA THX arriving end of september) - you pay for optional pads and balanced cable a good amount and with an extra (balanced)amp, the budget would not be high enough.

@nudal: have you thought about getting a set of IEMs like Fiio FH7 or Campfire Audio IO - only to name a few

your need is isolation and with the X1S and your budget… only an idea

I was long a not believer in IEMs and like my open and closed back cans more… but sometimes the small formfactor and adjustable sound(different tipps) is quite comfortable at home and on the go

I wish I was able to try more iems, because there are no stores around me or anywhere to try any. I would love to pick up something like the campfire Solaris, hyla te-5b, or the qdc anole vx. I have heard those and enjoy them, but I wouldn’t want to risk loosing something like that

I do for the most part only game home and when I do game its for long sessions. I have tried to look at some IEMs but there is a few selection in norway. beyerdynamic is one of few brands that is available. there a are a few fostex ones aswell but IEMs not so much

oh ok - that drastically closed down possibilities

your X1s won´t have any problems driving 1770s well. The Tesla 2.0 Driver is very effective