Replacement for 58x

Hi guys

At the moment I have a Sennheiser 58X, I use mainly for music and gaming but I don’t find them very comfortable and are a bit exhausting with time.
That’s why I’m thinking of switching. I often play AAA games and esports and listen to music (EDM, rock and metal) and wanted something all around that I could use for several hours.
In terms of AMP I already have a Fiio k3.
My main options in this case are AKG K712 or Beyerdynamic DT 880/990 premium versions.
I can get a used TH-X00 for the same price as these options …

What is your opinion?

What do you find exhausting about them?

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The headband is a little uncomfortable with time imo

For example I’ve had some k7XX and they were the most comfortable I used but I didn’t like the sound

Is it the clamp or the overall fit?

The K712 is nice but it may or may not be up your alley

The dt880 600 ohm is very comfortable and sounds great (but you may want to upgrade the amp or go for the 250 ohm)

It is the overall fit, Im from Europe and i can find really good prices ins AKG and Beyers. New around 200

Not sure if there is any difference between the Pro and Premium variations of the DT 990 when it comes to sound, but alot of people complain about them being very sharp when it comes to highs. While I don’t notice, they aren’t the best for all rock, and particularly not for metal. For gaming, I LOVE them, and have freaked out a friend with WOW in certain areas using them (there was a certain spot in a city where you can hear voices from earlier versions where a king is killed, and she could hear it going on around her like she was there in the room.)
I can’t comment on the other options though.

The pro has a coiled cable and a stronger clamp. The premium has a tad lighter clamp with a straight cable

Also the 880 is the most balanced out of the beyers imo

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Before you give up on them, try this first. Extend both ear pads to the maximum length (so they are fully extended). Use your thumbs with a medium amount of pressure to straighten the metal part of headband. Be careful to not bend the plastic part or have the headband push on the plastic part.

This should help with the clamping force and comfort quite a bit. I’ve done this with both my 600 and 58x and it has made them way more comfortable.


Yes, the clamp on senns is strong and I have done this with my pairs as well

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the k3 I dont think can properly power any of those headphones…

It might be able to with the k712, but I agree with the beyers and amp upgrade might be preferable

Before you replace them try to reduce the clamp like others mentioned and try some dekoni pads (elite velour or choice suede) and this mod.

Also here is the original page with all the details of the mod.

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good to know, I will try this with my HD58X’s…

Wait, people think the Sennheiser clamp is particularly strong? I’ve never felt that it is, especially not with the 600-style chasss.

It can be initially, but overtime it gets to a less clampy level

yeah senn headphones always have that “clamp of death” effect, a good way to loosen it is to put them around some thick books or speakers or even a yoga block if you have one and just leave it for a few days, the clamp will naturally break in this way. senn headphones are actually some of the more comfortable pairs I own after "adjusting the clamp and breaking in the pads this way.

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Yes that design will always be comfy, solid, and reliable to me, but I can see some people thinking it can be a little much on the clamp at first

The clamp is the biggest reason I gave away my 559s

I let my 6xx sit on one of my Def Tech SM45s, as if the speaker was a head, overnight and that helped relax the clamp a bit.

I also have DT990 Premium. They are fantastic gaming cans but their sharp highs can make them fatiguing and “metallic” sounding for music with lots of high frequency energy (like rock and metal). Their comfort is also world class.

Maybe try relaxing the the 58x clamp force AND getting some Beyers for gaming? Have a gaming can and a music can?

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May I show you my HD280 Pros. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I can confirm @Veritas idea works. I’ve done this for my 58Xs too.