Replacement for Focal Elex

Hey my fellow audio enthusiasts,

So here’s a little of the back story. I bought the Elex on drop and right outside of warranty the drivers died. I took them apart hoping it was bad connections but they seem to be solid. So now I’m in the market for an open back dynamic that has the staging, clarity and energy that the Elex provide while staying away from other Focal cans.
Now I have 6xx sens which are comparable but don’t provide the same qualities I really enjoy withe the Elex. To me the 6xx are more mid forward than the w shape sound signature I hear with the Elex.
Here is a list of what I own/have experience with.

Sivga Robin
Dekoni Blue
Blon B20
Aeon RT open
Stax L500mk2
Campfire Mammoth
Audeze Euclid

Thanks for any suggestions and I look forward to some good conversation.

Oh and a pic of my setup if it helps.

Campfire Cascades?

I was thinking that but from what I researched on the older models they would be very similar to my Nighthawks. Also they aren’t open back :sob:.

Hope you get more ideas added, how about:
ZMF Auteur or Aeolus?

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For sure on the list and I really want to try them out but price to play is a little up there right now. Thanks for the suggestion.

Yeah, trying to think of dynamic drivers with that punchy macrodynamic quality with a not too dissimilar tuning.

I mean it doesn’t have to be the same tuning I just really miss that energy that they have. The closest thing I have to it is the mammoth iem but it doesn’t bring the spaciousness that the Elex have.

I notice no Beyerdynamic on list, is that too much sizzle?

Yeah I have some ringing in my ears that makes me pretty sensitive to the 5-8khs range. S’s get hot real quick for me.

Oh and if anyone has questions about the equipment I have please feel free to ask as I don’t mind derailing my thread.

Think the elex has the same quality problems like the elear cause it’s the same driver? But the clear has other drivers i think because I haven’t heard of the same quality problems with them
So focal clears should be the a HP with a comparable sound presentation with slight better technicalities
Otherwise the kind of w shape of elex is hard to find
Next best thing i could think of would be auteur with the right pads but that would need a lot of patience to get for reasonable price :laughing:

I’ve been reading on the clears as well but seem to find about the same horror stories and if you don’t have a good dealer then you are SOL.
I’m super curious about the ZMF stuff as they are a piece of art and kinda have a cult following…those prices right now though.

Yeah was happy to get an aeolus for under 900 bucks here in Europe XD but with the right pads and a tube it’s a nice relaxing HP with decent technicalities
Other idea i would have is to get some bright tubes for your DV and tune your 6xx a bit more like the elex, but if i remember correctly it’s bass would be a bit wet with the DV and the soundstage would still be a 6xx XD

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Man lucky find!!! I am going to do some tube rolling when I have more time with both the DV and the TA30. I actually like the 6XX on the TA30 more if we are talking stock tubes. It’s odd it’s like there is more there in the entire frequency range.

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Yeah my 650 love my crack and i haven’t installed the Speedball upgrade and some beefy caps till now, it’s crazy what you can get out of the Sennheiser 600 line :exploding_head::heart_eyes:

And yeah think the ta 30 should be more capable amp then the DV especially since I read that the DV doesn’t like the 120v conversation all that much apparently :confused:

It really is, I just wish there was more low-end on them. The 58X does better bass but it’s so close it’s hard really say if I can tell a difference or not.

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So far this unit is handling the conversion well but it is my second unit lol.

Hm Zack did just bring out some pads of Sennheiser cans could be worthwhile to look for his lamp skin pads to boos bass a bit

It might be in just thinking of my eq doest do much are the pads really going to help.