Reviews by WaveTheory

I started a YouTube channel! Please support!

Let’s see how this goes…

New and scary and exciting all at the same time.


instant sub


Very nice! Always enjoy your reviews on here so will be a great to see what you have in store.


Interesting to see the face behind the posts. As @Multibeast said, considering the quality of the written articles, the videos should be great! Already subbed!

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Looking forward to your DAC and AMP reviews, maybe with possible MS Paint diagrams over the pen and paper ones of the written reviews.

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BOO!!! HISS!!! /me throws canned tomatoes

very cool WT, I look forward to seeing how this progresses.

Scale of 1-10, how disappointing was it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

More on the surprised side, though you were older a bit. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Damn gray hair! :man_white_haired: :laughing:

Hell yeah, a (possibly :smirk:) trustworthy YouTuber with some real punny views :wink:

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Very nice! I’m checking the YT channel out now. You’re younger than I had thought you were. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very helpful, thanks. Subbed immediately, wish you well. PS I Love my Asgard 3, it brought my Sundaras to life!!!

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I just did a hi-end/summit-fi comparison video on the channel.



Don’t know how I missed this before, subbed.


Good god man, putting a face to posts from hifi guides is jarring givin the tenets our sacred order.

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Not a full review, but I know many are interested in this headphone:


I am enjoying a lot your reviews.

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A big milestone for the channel today:


Over 500 subs! :exploding_head: :partying_face:

This forum is where I got my start. So, in this season of Thanksgiving, a heartfelt thanks to all of the support you all have given me in this little venture.

Here’s to you :beers: !


Big fan of the channel! I can’t think of any other reviewers that started out with so much TOTL gear so quickly.

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The reviews are great. Very informative.

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