RikudouGoku's Database (IEMs/Earbuds/Headphones Ranking list)

Accurate. :joy:

Oh btw, I have the Moondrop Dawn (3.5mm) incoming. To check how it is with my buds. :wink:

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Lypertek PurePlay Z3 1.0, got them from Hifiheadphones during their big sale for 12,5 gbp.

and, I highly recommend that you STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM IT!

Sound in stock, is very shouty, has the timbre that you expect from KZ like 4 years ago, bass shelf looks really clean on graph and it is the same irl but there is a big lack of texture, extension and rumble. Technicalities are worse than all the wired sets you can find for around 10-20 usd nowadays.
Rank: D

BT aspects, this is the part that seriously baffles me. Connection is a joke, there are frequent stuttering even when im within 30cm from my pc/phone (tried on both, same issue). Connecting to the tws is done by manually pairing them, for both sides, it doesnt automatically connect to both when you take them out of the case. You have to pair them individually and manually, which sometimes doesnt even show up and you have to try shut it off and power it on. Every time you do that and the voice prompts, it is super loud, so I had to hold them out of my ears to not kill my ears. There is no indication on what codec it is using either. The apps EQ function is a joke.

Oh and as a bonus, the fake leather on the case feels very cheap.



Anyone here still uses/loves the Blon 03? Well, I took it out for a spin and modded it.

Not final though, as Im still waiting for more materials to arrive and I expect to use a lower density filter than the tanchjim ones. Should look closer to the EJ07M in the 2-5k area in the end.


Where’d you put the Tanchjim filter, in the nozzle?

I DO still love it. Listened to it last night. Wish it could take more volume before sounding a little harsh higher up, looks like your mod fixes that!

Yeah, nozzle. removed the stock filter.

Although this aint final.

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@Rikudou_Goku Have you heard of or tried the Sivga M200 earbuds? I don’t know when they released, I think they are new, but just recently saw a video about them here.

No I havent, but I and woody dont have much expectations from it. (It doesnt help that positive reviews for Sivga products are untrustworthy considering what they tried in the past…)


Final Blon BL-03 mod.
Use a cable that will not cover the whole connector (example, cable A3), remove the stock nozzle filter and put a high-density tuning foam inside it, then put a cotton filter on top. Lastly, wrap around the 2pin connector using micropore tape.

I prefer it over the DQ6 like this. It is close to the DQ6 in bass texture, speed and tightness (still below it though) but absolutely murders it in treble and timbre. (tech is on the same level, except stage which is bigger on the DQ6.)


After listening to BL-03 (modded with 2pin vent taped and a KZ filter on nozzle) more with my test playlist and the stage and imaging is very disappointing. I prefer BL-05 to it. Plus bass is more to my liking on 05.

just got the Clear Radius Deep Mount. The differences are small enough to be due to placebo or that the clear ones are well…new. But it seems like the Clear version´s surface is very slightly stickier. So they might be a tiny bit better in terms of fit because of that.

Canal Works CWU-GDEC:

Wide bore silicone/gel hybrid tip, best tips for mids. Also happens to lower the bass and tightens it by a LOT. Avoid on brighter iems, specialist for bassy/warmer/darker iems or for midheads

Canal Works CWU-GEC:

Narrow bore silicone/gel hybrid tip. Technically its a narrow bore version of the CWU-GDEC, but in reality ends up losing the charm the wide bore has making it kinda average sounding and nothing special to warrant its price





That QC is pretty much TOTL level.

Gonna have fun modding this.

(Moondrop Dawn 3.5mm is also here.)


Do you think that this set make any sense at this point and time still? There are plenty of DD options coming out every single week basically in <200$ (or better below <100$) category and aparat from having this cool filter system it does not seem to stand out at all from what I have heard

I dont think it can compete in stock, no.

but, lots of potential for modders…or maybe I should try asking for a collab lol.

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:0 I see you softened the 5k peak… good old foam!

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Final mod (atm)


Moondrop Dawn (3.5mm, high gain 2VRMS, Oneplus 8T, UAPP), compared with Asgard 3 (PC, JRiver).

32ohmLCP: No problems at all with power.

500ohm Bery: bass got noticeably looser. Volume around 85%. Not at its full potential.

150ohm BG: No problems at all with power. Volume around 60%

Fostex T20RP MK3: Volume around 95%. Mids are a tiny bit more recessed and stage a tiny bit smaller.

Softears Volume: Sounds a bit brighter, presumably because of a slightly higher OI on the Dawn than the A3. Zero noise.

Overall: It’s a great dongle, neutral tonality, very precise volume control. Heat aint a problem as it only got luke warm so it wont burn you or be uncomfortable.
This is gonna be my default rec for my buds atm. Unless the Dunu dongle will change it (@sebastien_chiu_iFi when am I getting it?).


Nice! Do you think it’ll handle 300 Ohm earbuds?

Edit: damn, only SE…