Rumors and new releases thread

Topping releases A90 discrete headphone amplifier.

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That’s literally what we talked about 5 messages above

Just gonna drop another reddit steal here.

7hz x Crinacle collaboration for an planar IEM. Looks like it adopted the beyer peak.


Wanted to get the Aria Snow but now that the 7Hz are announced I’m not so sure anymore

that is a very interesting frequency chart. looks like the bass might overwhelm the high end though.

Channel imbalance because prototype?

Think it sits nicely in the sub bass and comes down early enough at 200hz. Less bass would be too less for me.

It’s only a small area at 3k. Guess it will be not really noticeable. Weren’t there some reports about the timeless channel unbalance too?

planars are hard to match from what I noticed.

I think I am out on this one. The Beyer peak hurts me in my soul.

While I agree that I don’t expect great matching on planar drivers
… this looks like they gave up completely, :wink:


@Precogvision has a new review up, and is pretty high on this one. It has a serious bass boost, so the hip-hop and EDM fans might really enjoy it. The reason he liked it was that it had the extra bass without messing the rest of the sound up, which I agree is an accomplishment. Usually that much bass, means you lose everything else.

I agree with him, their brand name needs work, but I am horrible at that sort of stuff.

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Yamaha gave the AG03 an overhaul, and it now comes in black (or white):


Any word on a broader release?

Seems like in 4 days. For $99


(just a pic, no more info on this.)


New Special Edition of the Colors and tuning hell yeah! LETSHOUER S12


Focal ‘bathys’ ANC Bluetooth headphone


That’s very interesting. Curious about the price and if you can connect it by wire as well.

My detective work tells me its gonna be around 200-350 usd. :wink:


lol! I was thinking that it would be around that especially with the headband style which is rather basic looking.

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Probably still weighs 500 grams or something absurd for a Bluetooth ANC headphone. Still interesting that the “high” end Bluetooth space is starting to heat up with this and the Edifier Stax thing