Rumors and new releases thread

If you guys hear or read any Juicy rumors about gear or just want to discuss upcoming gear that don’t have a thread setup yet fell free to share and discuss here!


I cannot reveal my source…but I’ve heard Geshelli Labs has a new amp in development.

That’s good hopefully it’s something to compete past the $200 -$300 mark to have nice alternative to thx tech

I’m thinking it could be something balanced that will take the ENOG2 Pro’s balanced output. the 2.5 Pro does a good job of using it for excellent se output…but balanced is balanced, right? :wink:

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Lol and hope the RCA’s come from the front so it at least matches with the enog

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would be a weird setup if they did. have to make an ACHEL2.5+ Pro where both the balanced and RCA inputs are on the front…and offer cables with the proper lengths. :stuck_out_tongue:

Geshelli Erish

Screenshot_2020-04-27 THE CLEAR PATH TO PURE AUDIO


Well there you go lol

never heard of that and not on their site. how long ago did the Erish exist? also, the ports are on the back, so doesn’t really help with the look RG and I were discussing, LoL!


very cool, this is the new one I heard about. look fwd to hearing more about it.

edit - scad’s of power too! :smiley:

edit 2 - I hope it isn’t obscenely priced…

Forgot this was a thing when it was announced . Cooler master is making a DAC/amp


everyone and their mothers will be trying to get into the gaming audio niche now. Senn has been firmly established as the mainstream…but enough reviews of the new Fulla and Hel have made waves so that they’re getting popular. HWC just posted a review about them the other day. are either of those powerful enough for the DT 880 600 ohm?

The Hel could be, having an external PSU.
However the 2.5W USB 2.0 offers is not that much when you think about the electronics that go into a DAC/Amp.

USB power you can get from a computer:

Mainboards that have Thunderbolt 3 deliver 15W over that USB-C looking port.

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The hel can push the 600 ohm, but I would highly recommend a magni 3+ or heresy instead

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Was looking to try tubes next. I think I might just wait for this now

Update : Oh wait. They’re taking limited pre-orders on this :slight_smile:

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If high quality audio including dacs and amps become more widespread in the gaming community that could be huge for the low-mid tier audio equipment. The market would grow substantially and could increase innovation and lower costs


Problem is, the PC-gaming market is to 80% focused to an obsessive degree on feature count.

The fact onboard audio is the 5/10 it is right now is probably as far as companies can push their luck. The lack of external 5.25" bays means USB and PCIe is the only option to up the game, and either is pretty limited (and crowded).

Not to mention Research and Development costs if a company doesn’t cheap out and buy OEM parts.

In case of motherboards, R&D is not that big of a deal. Do it once, then copy&paste it on every board.
The problem is margins.

Mobos are a few bucks at best. Competition is fierce and even $10 more in parts and production cost will push you up a tier in a review landscape that will eat you alive for not having good price/performance.