Rumors and new releases thread

Unfortunately I’m not a fan of the case design, great idea and value.

Good news to all German language qwertz typing folks, I got feedback from asking if they’ll sell the KB3:

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Explain this keyboard to me like I’m 3…cause huh?

Waitwaitwait. When’s the equivalent of April Fool’s for China? :rofl:

Case design? Of the keyboard?

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Understanding the Custom Keyboard Scene: Custom keyboards are all about personalization and performance. Enthusiasts in this scene often focus on build quality, switch types, and overall typing experience. A typical custom keyboard might offer a variety of switch options, programmable keys, and sometimes a unique design or material for the case. However, what Fiio offers with the KB3 goes beyond these standard features.

Fiio KB3: Market Disrupting Features

  1. Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Case: Fiio’s use of an aluminum-magnesium alloy for the KB3’s case sets it apart. This material choice is a significant upgrade over the standard aluminum cases commonly found in custom keyboards. It’s known for being both lightweight and incredibly strong, providing a premium look and feel. In the custom keyboard market, a high-quality aluminum case alone can often cost over $150, making Fiio’s pricing especially remarkable.
  2. Integrated High-Performance DAC: The KB3 includes dual CS43131 DACs, which is an extraordinary feature for a keyboard. A standalone DAC of this caliber, capable of providing clear, high-quality audio output, usually costs around $100 on its own. By integrating these DACs, the KB3 not only serves as a typing tool but also as a high-end audio device for audiophiles. This dual functionality at such a competitive price point is unprecedented in the custom keyboard market.
  3. Gasket Mount Design: This is a fancy way of saying the keyboard is designed to be quieter and more comfortable to use. The cool part is, you can adjust how ‘flexible’ or ‘firm’ the keyboard feels when you type, thanks to its gasket mount design. This kind of customization is usually found in more expensive keyboards.
  4. Hot-Swap Functionality and USB Loop Through: These features, while not exclusive to Fiio, are notable additions at this price point. The hot-swap functionality provides ease of customization for switches, and the USB loop-through adds convenient connectivity options.

In summary, the Fiio KB3’s combination of a premium aluminum-magnesium alloy case, high-performance DACs, and other user-centric features like the gasket mount design, at its disruptive price point, sets a new standard in the custom keyboard market. This keyboard not only caters to typing enthusiasts but also to those who appreciate high-quality audio, all without the need to invest in separate, expensive components.


Yes, case design of the keyboard. Corsair/teen gamer vibes.

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how…is it getting an input signal?
And it doesn’t seem to have an output?

Attaching a go bar or similar to that would make for a cool stealth stack lol

Probably via the usb connection.


OK, I don’t understand what’s going on here, and probably won’t hear back from this seller before the Nov. 11-17 discount event is over, but there seems to be a redesign of the Tempotec Sonata BHD being ninja-released by an unofficial store on Ali, with:

  • BAL and SE outputs (instead of just BAL)

  • “280 mW” max power, summed from both channels, in reality 140 mW per channel
    [OK, you can disregard the rest of the hype below, if it’s half the advertised power per channel it’s actually nothing all that special]

  • buttons for 16 volume levels (not clear if internal)

  • dedicated button for 3 gain levels

  • exceptional SNR (131) and THD+N (0.0004)

  • same price as the AkLIAM PD4 non-Plus, around 50 USD with all discounts

Man, just when I was about to spring for the AkLIAM PD4 (not the Plus because somewhat better THD, didn’t want to spend much, didn’t need the measly power increment, and was afraid of partial loss of EM protection via the big acrylic window in the metal housing) they pull this mysterious new Sonata out of their 4$$es. :star_struck:

Yep, confirmed in DM by the official store, it’s their product. They planned to add it officially next week.
Aaand insta-ordered. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve still never had a use for dongles - I can imagine for a laptop but they’re too clumsy for a very portable solution where a BT receiver or DAP makes more sense.* Just curious how will you be using it? Not saying anyone’s use cases should match mine just curious what we’re all up to.

*for my personal taste, not necessarily more “sense” rather than preference when dealing with cables, pockets, and portability.

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now that Bt headphones performance is getting quite good and the latest Bt standards have advanced to the point that they can stream almost lossless quality audio, what we will get to use in a couple generations will likely be great. I’m looking forward to the freedom this will bring!

I could’ve sworn I’ve already described it somewhere in the forum, but I can’t find it to put a link right now: I’m thinking instead of a DAP I will use a miniature 3" Android phone hanging off a lanyard under my shirt, and run the dongle off of that, also under my shirt, with only the headphone cable coming out of my collar. I don’t need it to be particularly stable, I don’t listen to music while doing vigorous activities, this will be mostly for sitting down in relatively quiet vacation spots or parks.


I mean you might have but I wouldn’t necessarily know that. Thanks for the reply.

I will definitely be waiting for some tech generations to pass and for some key things to improve, as I’m no longer happy to buy BT sources with non-replaceable batteries where the whole device just becomes useless when its battery dies. Enough electronic trash as it is. Plus I hope Na-Ion comes of age and finally replaces the more problematic Li-Ion as the dominant battery tech. Then I will consider wireless audio acceptable once again, if I’m still alive to see both of these changes lol.


Uh-oh. The closely spec’d BHD Pro is also advertised as “280 mW @32” but in Amir’s test it clips after 137 mW per channel, and Amir’s response is “well they didn’t say 280 per channel”…

Are Tempotec really pushing disinfo like this, summing up the power from both channels just to advertise a bigger number? :neutral_face: I thought they were a reputable company judging by how much I’ve seen their name by now.

Ffffffff, they’re confirming it in DMs. That changes the whole story, I’m canceling my order. Of course you can get a clean signal if you’re not pushing any significant power, I already have that level of performance in the HiBy FC3, I don’t need a duplicate just because it has BAL-out. Time to ask AkLIAM the same question I guess. :roll_eyes:

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3" android phone? please, tell me more. Never heard of anything like that


Oh my oh my oh my
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You talking about this?


Yeah, thanks for the image if the Facebook link didn’t work!


And the Design winner for 2023 is, drumroll, the TFZ Crown!

Holy cow…