Rumors and new releases thread

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I hear ya. I haven’t put on a pair of headphones since the “2 weeks to slow the spread” started. No need for headphones working at home. Most of my listening is at my desk with my studio monitors.

I’m guessing you live alone? Headphones are super necessary when you live with loud people and are trying to get some stuff done. If you live alone, I suppose it’s just up to taste and preference.


I’m married but I have my own office and my wife has her desk set up in the master bedroom. Between keeping my door closed and the fact that we both listen at very moderate volumes, neither of us needs to wear headphones. We’re pretty quiet people by nature.

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Looks like some new fiio daps on the way


M11 plus and the M17, from what to an see in the photo. The M11 plus is also THX certified

EDIT* The THX is AAA-78 apparently

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I envy you and the quietness. My family is loud and does it in the room right under my bedroom.

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then totally nullify the whole purpose of speakers. VOLUME!!!

/s :wink:

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Bqeyz is released the Summer 3. Like the Spring 2, Its a tribrid IEM with 1dd+1ba+1 piezoelectric driver.

Not to refan any fires but the thing that gets me about some of the iem stuff is the names are so similar to other audio things at times. I first though the Summer 3 was a dac since you said its like the Spring 2. :sweat_smile:

That’s the only thing stopping me,hehe.


Reecho announced the SG-03. A budget Single DD IEM that is said to have a custom like fit.

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single DD? that’s so retro! LoLoL!

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Moondrop Aria release~

$79.99, Starfield FR and shell, possibly better cable(?).

Crinacle’s first impressions with FR:

The Starfield has slightly more narrow soundstage but more precise imaging, whereas the Aria can get impressively wide but at the cost of positional accuracy.


I was spot-on about the price-point, but I was hoping for a darker FR.


God damn it… This payday is consumed by bills!!! I need to not be spending money…

I get I’m not a believer of frequency response graphs, particularly when buying something, but… Is it just me, or is the graph for the Aria, Starfield and KXXS almost identical, with slight variance starting at about 2.5k in the highs, and even more slight below 30?


I wouldn’t be surprised it’s the same driver. The Aria is just the same driver as the Starfield (and the KXXS after a refinement) with a different shell color. Maybe the soundstage width is due to how the driver is placed in the shell versus the Starfield.

No, its not the same driver. They are using an LCP coating this time.

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My question is why they tuned it to sound so similar then.

No idea lol.

welcome to chifi from 2020 on… mondrop’s house sound makes every IEM Have very similar measurements. differences tend to be technicalities and detail retention.

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