Schiit Bifrost 2

Yeah, I would do the same.

The amount of issues with the bf2 seem to be adding up more a little more than the normal deviation. I wonder if there was s run that was hit harder as i cross my fingers for my unit. Especially because it was bought used.

Best of luck to all out there with an rma.


Just wondering if those that are having issues have tried these steps: go into your usb driver settings on your PC, uninstall the schiit driver, turn off the DAC, unplug/replug DAC, and turn on. This should reinstall the driver’s and may help with your issue.

I recently had my mimby have the same issues you were describing, so it may be worth it to try. Good luck!

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Does the bf2 use a driver for the unison usb? I think for the units it was confirmed the output section. Also trying the optical is a way to test if it was drivers too

I don’t think so, at least not for windows, it doesn’t need one to be installed manually


There’s this thread. Mr. I sukka a dick for a DAC


Is anybody else finding their bifrost quite fatiguing for some reason? I find it kind of strange. It’s a thick, warm dac that doesn’t strike me as bright or anything, but there’s something in there that just fatigues me after a while, and I have no idea what it is. I’m using the unison usb, I don’t have any gear that could connect with the other inputs.

I don’t find it fatiguing. What amp and headphones are you using?


vali2+ with hd650. I also get the same fatigue when connecting my headphones through the speaker amp, so I think it’s most likely the dac? It’s disappointing because I wanted an r2r dac for the analogue, relaxed sound.

Try some different tubes?


I can listen to BF2 > SW51+ or BHC > hd 6xx all day and night long.

Then I really hope it’s my amps. When I get my new amp hopefully the fatigue will go. Still going to be using single ended though.

What is the fatigue like? I dont get it much on highs but the 200-300 range gets me.

something in the upper mids / lower treble

Got my replacement unit and it will not work either. The USB port is not picking up my DAP at all. I went into the office and plugged into my computer. Same as last time. The computer sees and recognizes the DAC. It even renames the USB output to Bifrost 2, but again no sound.

I decided to try something different this time and I pulled out a S/PDIF cable and plugged it in. It works fine and sound comes from the DAC fine.

I have several USB cables. I am not sure if they are all 2.0 or not. However, the shortest is five feet. Schiit recommends two feet, but that would be tricky with my set-ups.
Should I bite the bullet and Amazon up a 2ft. USB 2.0 cable? My other DAC’s (Topping D30 and SMSL SU-8) work fine with these cables. Is the Schiit super fussy?

Or am I missing something else?

Hmmmm…I am currently running a Venom USB to my BF2 that is 5ft long in order to make the run I needed. It is plugged into a 2105 Mac Book pro > SABRENT 4 port USB splitter > Jitterbug > Venom > BF2. I blew my BF2 up and Shiit replaced it but never had any issues other than that w/ it and can absolutely testify that it WILL work on an IOS based system with multiple pieces in-line via long USB connection. @ShaneD your issue is stumping me. It seems like it should be software related… :thinking: but I am probably one of the least technically proficient folks around on this forum so I won’t speak beyond what I can absolutely verify. Yes a 5ft or full 2 meter USB cable will work and I have used both to prove it although on an IOS based system…Good luck!

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It looks like the DAC is working correctly in my computer, but…
With the DAP there is no indication the connection is even registering. When I use my SMSL SU-8, if you turn off the DAC, the DAP will stop playing. And then when you turn it back on, you can hear a click as the DAC re-enters the chain. There is NOTHING with the BF2? They don’t appear to be communicating.

Soooo, after you mention that, there is a reason I am using USB rather than SPIDIF currently. I have a Matrix USB to SPIDIF converter in my chain (lower left of image) BUT do NOT like to connect my BF2 using that option when I have 3 or 4 other DACS in line because the Shiit has a bit of trouble being recognized and I often have to unplug the USB at the computer in order for the chain to work properly (which defeats the purpose, I have been trying to avoid plugging USB’s in and out, my connection at the laptop is wearing out).

I’m trying to figure out if any of this has a common point…

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I NEED to use the USB port. I did not buy this for my computer. I bought it with the plan to feed it from my DAP in the living room. While I like listening to music at my computer, most of my listening is done at the lazy boy next to my set-up.

Have you thought about using a USB to coax or optical converter?

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