🔷 Schiit Magni Heresy

This is the official thread for the Schiit Magni Heresy

This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • 1/4 inch out and RCA in and pre out
  • 2400mW @ 32 ohms
  • OP-amp based for excellent measurements

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Z Reviews…

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The only video I’ve found so far.

Schiit is one of the headphone brands that never really interested me. I am curious about this one, however. At $99 USD it may be worth checking out.

I actually got to hear a heresy recently and it just sounded like a more powerful atom tbh. Schiit really catered to the measurements people here (as the name implies lol)


How would you characterize its sound? Neutral, flat, dull?

Box is nicer, more power, more or less same price.
All these digital op amp based designs sound the same.
It’s unfortunately what you get when you try to optimize for a single THD+N metric to appease the ASR crowd.

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Bruh but my safe numbers game/s

I mean it was precise and accurate, a bit analytical leaning but is really nice for the price. Essentially just like the atom

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I mean, a 100 bucks… :man_shrugging:t4:

I would me more curious about the 3+ because it has a more colored sound. I just want to see if they actually refined their signature so it wasn’t as dynamically compressed or peaky or overly forward sound

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In the video unboxing I posted he mention the Magni 3 among other Schiit products that he owned. It sounded as though he didn’t really like it (Magni 3, not Heresy).

I don’t enjoy the regular magni 3 imo because of those compression issues and not enough finesse, and the current modi is lackluster as well, easily getting beat out by the d10 or m100 imo

I’m not really a fan of older schiit solid state amps tbh. The Asgard 3 and heresy are awesome though and I hope they keep that up

I feel as tho for an intro amp to the bigger world of audio that its a good thing that it and the atom sound the way they do and cost what they do to acquire. Because the next step is just personalized taste in sound as everything buy default at the higher price point can power most everything.

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Yeah, it’s really hard to complain about it for sure

There are Magni, Magni 2, Magni 2 Uber, Magni 3, Magni 3+ and Magni 3 Herresy versions of the Magni.
I’m interested in his take on the difference between the latter 2, but I don’t always agree with Zeos’ take on amps.

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I like that clean, analytical amps can be had for $100. It’s always good for consumers to have options, and I feel people should experience neutrality and have an understanding for the way things were intended to sound before adding any coloration.

I think it would help to have continuity in our community if everyone knew what “neutral” sounded like.


I think it would help to have everyone experience the benefits of a good bang for buck dac amp setup

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Minimum character…

at this point the 20 character limit is its own meme :upside_down_face:

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That’s some good shit.

-119dB SINAD for 100$ for the Heresy.
-Twice the power of the Atom, which is 114dB SINAD (and 100$ too).
-Metal box, vs Atom which is plastic.
-Made in USA
-And apparently the low/high gain switch drastically changes the sound because it messes with the impedance. So you got… “choice”. Like having two amps in one?