đź”· Schiit Magnius

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  • XLR & 1/4 inch headphone out, XLR & RCA in and pre outs
  • 5w @ 32 ohms, 500mw @ 600ohms
  • Differential Balanced

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Z Reviews…


Decided to pick one up since I still have the modius around, curious to see what it can do. Seems like a very nice stack for the price, I’m wondering how it will compete with the Asgard


Looks like a balanced version of the Heresy with a bit more power.
The decent pot is a nice upgrade, obviously designed to compete with the new THX amp.

a modius and magnius…LE AWESOME!!!

let’s just hope they introduce a Modi 3+…

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I’m wondering what the single ended performance on it is because of the balanced nature of it, if there will be a significant performance hit se

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There might be, it’s not clear just looking at the board how it’s doing the conversion.

Pretty sure it’s differential so fully balanced?

Yes that’s certainly true that’s why it has the same 4 way pot as the Jotenheim. It’s an “expensive” for this price point part, so you wouldn’t include it if it weren’t necessary.

To quote one of our finest contemporary scribes…

“Oh no.”
-my wallet.


Wow, I thought the A3 was a great value, but this looks like a home run at $199.00.

I am a little sad that I don’t need an amp… :grin:


Hmm, how curious. I figured they were planning to release this… potentially a balanced asgard 3? Hey @M0N mind letting me know your thoughts when you get it? Most of the time these amps suck for single ended but are good for balanced… Kind of curious about this paired to a modius.

Edit: just realized… No silver finish from schiit on this one? Blasphemy! Needs a silver finish option.


Looks like this is to the asgard 3 what the heresy is to the magni 3+

Asgard 3 is a very different design with a PSU in the case.
I think Mon’s right in saying Asgard 3 is more comparable to the Magni 3+ and Magnius to the Heresy.

As far as I can see it’s very much a measurements oriented design to compete in the objectivist circles with amps like the THX/A90/L30.


Doesn’t change my curiousity involving the unit lol. I will keep an eye on this, lurking till someone has a good thought out review on it.

It’s most likely not, but will probably be good nonetheless

Will do

Correct. Not going to complain about how balanced at this price point doesn’t make sense but yes lol

It’s probably just like the heresy and the reason it only comes in black, it’s a measurement focused amp

Will mark this thread down. Though schiit europe still hasnt got anything in stock :rofl:

Seems to be the case

Definitely, not complaining on that regard.

really? what about ENOG2 and the new ERISH?

I mean when you go with a balanced design you basically add extra cost that isn’t needed, or that could go to better quality components. Nothing against the enog or erish, I really like the enog and the erish seems sweet, it’s just that the same or potentially better performance could have been done with single ended with less cost most likely. But idk

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