🔷 Schiit Modius

Probably negligible, nothing else in the pricepoint is trying to do it either.

and there are dongles / doodad’s that you can add-on that provide that functionality, no?

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hee hee…the photo’s show you what they want you to pair it with…

well, the Modius, Asgard and Valhalla all share the same foot print. there’s a gorgeous stack!

alas, the Loki is too small to fit anywhere properly…and is too large to sit on top of the Valhalla cleanly.

I’ll be interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on this. If the verdict is good, I’ll probably sell my E30 so I can get a nice stack with my A3.

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I’d be lying if I said that pictures like these had no impact in my purchasing decision, lol. Now I just need the modius to complete the look.

Damn. Three edits just for auto correct BS.



I personally am curious how it will hold up, I have a feeling that it might not be worth unless you are after the stack for a single ended amp, but balanced aspect is most likely going to be more compelling due to the different output stages

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I ordered. Needed a second balanced DAC, and I’m sure I’ll like this more than any of the Chinese offerings in the price range.


Same… Just got an e30 so I won’t be getting this, but curious if it sounds better than the Modi. I would hope so for the $200 price tag though.

It better or I’m going to be slightly pissed lol


:joy: :joy: :joy: I totally understand the sentiment, as I would feel the same

Just gotta determine how it sounds within 15 days and get all money back if needed

USB opto-isolators exist. Just stick one of those in line.

Looks like Amir’s review is up…

“Just a year ago we could not imagine a balanced DAC at $199 let alone from a western company.”

Dang why he gotta dunk on Geshelli like that…


Link to the review: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/schiit-modius-balanced-dac-review.13769/

Or the various audio interfaces, Rode AI-1 for example.

Well, this one is definitely on my radar. Initially, I was deciding between Bifrost 2 or Denafrips ARES II. I’m so ready to move on from the SDAC-B.

I just realized Schiit actually doesn’t have a matching balanced amp to pair with this. the Asgard and Valhalla are the same dimensions, so will look good as a stack, but they’re all single ended. everything else is too big or too small, so can’t actually ‘stack’.

I hope this means a balanced amp is in the works!


The next version of the Jotunheim?


oh my bad, good spot! the Jot is the same size…just a bit dated as an amp since it’s last revision?